My DVR is my true love

I am a couch potato.  I love television.  I don’t understand those people who don’t own TVs.  Sorry if that makes me less intellectually superior.  I am unashamed.

Currently, my DVR is over 90% full.  This distresses me because it means that I haven’t been devoting enough time to my true love, and also because it means that it will soon be full and unable to record upcoming episodes.  That, for a TVaholic, is the equivalent of bouncing a check.

There are, of course, kids shows clogging up the memory.  But those are necessary for the times Scroogy Mommy needs to shower.  Lala and Loopsy will allow me alone time for 30 minutes, well, at least for the exact length of an episode of Super Why.

There are also the shows Hubby and I watch together on there, just piling up.  The Middle, Modern Family, Chopped, Celebrity Apprentice (he actually MET Dee Snider once so…  it his exception to his no reality show rule), Blue Bloods, and Breakout Kings.  Considering how little time Hubby and I spend in the same room these days (that’s another post altogether), methinks these shows will just continue to accumulate and take up precious DVR memory and this is frustrating.  I may have to show the love where the love is due (see post title, haha).

Then there are the shows I can only watch when kids are asleep, because they are either too scary, too creepy, or I have to actually pay attention.  Shows like Ringer and Alcatraz and Once Upon a Time and Vampire Diaries and Being Human and The Walking Dead.  I tried watching Being Human while they played in another room, and Loopsy walked in and saw Sally all scary and murderous after she was almost exorcised or whatever, so…  Bad Scroogy Mommy.  I am proud to say I’m caught up on The Walking Dead, thank goodness.  Love me some Zombiepocalyse.

There are other daily shows I record, like The Price is Right and General Hospital and Jeopardy.  I can watch these shows while doing other tasks like blogging or eating or playing Words with Friends or supervising an arts & crafts project.  While not exactly Must See TV, they are habits, like taking my vitamins, and the day doesn’t feel done without them.

My point here, dear Peeps out there, is that television is my lover, and just as I will post about the twins and the Hubs and my Mojo, I will probably post about these shows.  Like my granddad used to call his soap operas, these are My Stories.


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