This week’s update

Today is Day 7 of my Journey to recapture my Mojo…  I feel like I have made some headway and here is why:

1. Went to a gathering on St Patrick’s Day and talked to actual grown ups other than Hubby about other topics other than Kids.

2. Wore a bra with underwire for the first time in months…  The ladies looked revitalized.  I must get more bras that actually fit.

3. Wore mascara on several occasions (only poked myself in the eye once).

4. Bought new mascara and lipstick. Can’t wait to take those for a test drive!

5. Renewed my commitment to my diet and my food journal.  Decided to also add a list of 5 daily gratitudes to the journal to remind me what I’m doing it for.

6. Danced & worked out with the Wii- even got the twins into it with their own dance game.

7. Took kids to the playground and out to lunch at a real restaurant and spent time really enjoying their little personalities.

8. Made it a point to actually kiss Hubby goodmorning and goodnight and give him a real embrace at least once a day.

9. Got these nifty face wipey things to make the bedtime face washing easier.  Followed up with eye roller wrinkle thingie.  Nice.

10. Kept up with this blog.  Just something this small, taking a moment every day or so to focus my own thoughts really nourishes me.

Thanks for being here, Blogiverse.

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