Please Don’t Read My Blog

After posting a couple of rants/raves about my marriage and home life, my ingrained paranoia reared its ugly head. And now I’m fixated on one single worry.  It’s settled in my skull, squeezing my poor little brain and giving me a major headache.

See, I linked this blog to my FB, and a few of my FB friends are Hubby’s friends or coworkers or their wives.  *Gulp*

He hates when I blather online about him or the kids.  His buddies give him a hard time and then he gives me one.  *Double Gulp*

So… for those Peeps, all I have to say is, “Look away.  There’s nothing to see here. Certainly nothing to tell Hubby about…”

And in the immortal words of Bartles & James, “And we thank you for your support!”


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