The Novel Inside

I read a blog entry by a new FB friend, someone who is remarkably a lot like me.  She is working on a novel, the second in a planned trilogy and she’s come through the other side of a writers block.  Her words of wisdom on this really struck home.

Create for the sake of creating.  Write to let out the novel inside.

I’ve felt a novel brewing in my brain pretty steadily for about 4 years.  I buckle down and rip out a few thousand words a day for a bit and then that little critical voice inside me gets louder than the little creative voice and I just shut down.

But Leslee’s words really shed new light on the process.  I don’t have to write publishable material right off the bat.  I can just write because the story is in there.  Its not even necessary to let anyone else read it, if I don’t want to.

Of course, I’ll want to, because I love getting feedback.  I really should join a writing workshop.

So, any other blogger/writers out there, if I wanted to post some of my fiction here, how should I go about protecting it?

Once I figure that out, I can get started sharing with you Peeps.


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