Back to The Plan

I mentioned in my Hello World post that I’m in the process of losing weight.  I had lost 45.5 lbs since September 29 2011*. I had been contemplating gastric bypass or another bariatric surgery, and so I began the diet with the idea that it was my required 6 month, physician supervised nutrition plan  My doc wanted me on Medifast, but we found that very costly, so the Doc okayed me doing my own version.  And I was doing really well.  I was on fire!

Then the holidays came and went, the days were less bright, I dove into my yearly mid to late winter doldrums and diverted from The Plan. I don’t know why this happens to me every year.  I suspect it’s related to seasonal depression.  It might also be because the holidays are over, and after I put all my heart and soul into making it magic for my family, I’m left feeling a little empty and a lot unappreciated. But there’s a bigger reason.  There’s the fact that, as a daughter who lost her dad so young, I have this supreme anxiety each time I get closer and closer to the age he was when he passed.  He was only 37, the age I am now, and these past few winters have been really rough.

Anyway, regardless of the reason, I’m feeling my way out of the winter blues a bit fiercer and sooner.  Could be because of the early return of sunshine and warmth.  Could be because if this 38th year really is my last like it was Dad’s last, well, I better not waste it being all blah-de-blah-woe-is-me.  Could be I also decided to reinvigorate so much of my life to regain that Mojo I keep writing about.

I went to visit my Doc for the first time since December (I’d last weighed in at his office on Feb 2).  He explained that everyone hits a plateau, and this time of year is really optimal for getting past it.  He wasn’t at all as appalled as I thought he’d be by my falling of the weekly weigh-in schedule or by my gain of 7.5 lbs since my last step on the scale.  I feel a lot better about things, and ready to refocus and get back to The Plan.

I want to lose between 80 & 100 more lbs.  Yes, Peeps, I realize that’s a lot.  Yes, I really am THAT big.

Today I’m back to following my diet to the letter and remembering that I need to take care of myself if I want to see Lala and Loopsy grow up.

I’ll continue to post my progress on this aspect of my Mojo Journey!  Wish me luck!

*note: Thanks to my friend Robin for pointing out my error…  it’s been 6 months on My Plan, not over 10 years…  Love ya!*


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