Weekly Update time

I feel I made a ton of Mojo progress this week, dear Blogiverse…  I can feel tiny hints, little rumbles, of my swag settling into my bones.  Feels good.

I worked out more and watched TV less.  My DVR and I might need couples counseling.

I feel like I’m hitting a stride in my writing, at least I blog nearly every day.

I only leave the house w/o mascara if I’m going to the playground or working out.

I bought myself a new dress and two new bras and 5 new panties- all in my new size.  The first items in my new size to have been purchased to date.

I also bought myself a cute pair of strappy wedges to go with my new dress.  I haven’t really worn heels since I left my job to become a stay at homer.  I hope I don’t break an ankle.

I actually had truly personal time with Hubby, and we are getting along a little better.  We’ve actually talked and spent time in the same room!  Love it.

Progress, People, Progress.


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