Day 1 (or Day 183)- but who’s counting?

Today, Peeps, was a toughie…  After deciding yesterday that I was refocusing my efforts on The Plan, I faced some nutritional challenges today.  But as of this post, I have overcome!

First, my kids woke up super duper cranky pants this morning.  Loopsy stood at the top of the stairs screaming for me to carry her for 5 minutes (at least) while tossing any readily available toys down to crash on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.  Meanwhile Lala was following me around the kitchen pleading at the top of her whine for milk in her new princess cup (which was in the dishwasher, unwashed).  I took a deep breath, told Loopsy for the millionth time that she is 4 and perfectly capable of walking downstairs herself, end of story, and told Lala for the zillionth time that she’d have to make do with a Minnie Mouse cup this morning.  *sigh*  The old, fatter Scroogy would turn to Reese’s Puffs or toaster waffles with peanut butter and maple syrup for breakfast to soothe the savage mommy beast.  But new, healthier Scroogy dutifully pulled out a greek yogurt, and mixed it wisely with some Benefiber.  Protein?  Check!  Fiber?  Check?  Breakfast? Done.

3 hours later I have finished showering and dressing and putting on mascara in preparation for a trip to BJ’s and Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  I look at the clock and know that it’s time for my next snack.  The twins are already, literally, bouncing around me because they love riding in shopping carts, and are therefore, very excited. I consider, for a second, just hitting a drive thru on our way out.  Easy, yummy, but, alas, not on The Plan.  So I distract my dear ones with a new episode of Doc McStuffins and toast up a whole wheat english muffin and top it with exactly one tablespoon of natural peanut butter.  There’s even time before the episode is over for me to note my snack in my food journal and put my knife and tablespoon in the dishwasher.

I decided to also stop at the craft store because I need a taper candle & some of that candle sticky stuff for my homemade wine bottle candle thingie (to commemorate my first bottle of Dreaming Tree- yes, I love DMB that much).  We walk the short distance to BBB & my little lovelies are already complaining about being hungry.  *Double Sigh* I check the time and try to figure if I can distract them long enough for us to get home and have a snack there.  No go.  Damn, I’ll have to buy them something while we are out WITHOUT indulging myself.  In BBB they have some snacky type stuff by the register and I let the twins pick out something.  They agree (shocking) on a bag of white fudge covered pretzels.  Not exactly healthy, but probably better than McD’s.  I open it for them when we get back to the car and I don’t have any myself.  Not a one.  Score.

Needless to say, Loopsy and Lala are off the chain hyper by the time they get into the shopping cart at BJs…  Strangers are laughing.  Old ladies are looking down their noses at me.  I am irritated and getting hungry.  I see bags of Easter candy.  Resist!  Those Magnum ice cream bars look really good.  Hands off!  Super sized bags of Doritoes?  Me wanna.  But, I’m so proud to say that I did not buy or consume any Off Plan items there, in the car on the ride home, or even once I got home.  Just had the regularly scheduled protein bar.  Yeah me!!

And now we here we are, an hour past dinner (chicken breast marinated in Frank’s Red Hot in a salad of green peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and light Ranch) and about a half our until beddy bye time.

Ahh… I made it Peeps, I made it.

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