Flowers and the Mega Millions

Hubby came home tonight with a bouquet of beautiful flowers for me and the twins! I can’t remember the last time this occurred!  They are beautiful, purple, pink, yellow, and white roses, some little black eyed susan looking things, tiny purple flowers, and a stem of something else I can’t identify.  They smell like spring on this dreary, chilly day.

He used to bring me flowers almost every Friday when he arrived here in Baltimore from Staten Island.  I was spoiled by it, and loved practicing amateur flower arrangement.  Sometimes he’d send them to the office, and that tickled me like nobody’s business.  I was the girl that didn’t get asked to prom, after all, so getting roses at work gave me that “He likes me!” validation from my peers.

Seeing him walk through our front door with that fragrant, bright, bundle gave me butterflies.  Butterflies at the thought that maybe the ol’ Mojo is coming back after all.  Butterflies now sweetened with the vision of my girls getting flowers from their Daddy, their Main Man. It was delightful.

I took pictures of the flowers in the vase in which I’d arranged them, pictures of the twins holding a bloom a piece.  I texted the pics to my Bestie and my Mom.

Mom asked “What’s the occasion?”

I texted back, “Just because, I guess.”

But I decided to check with Hubby, and his response? “To celebrate being pre-millionaires!”

*Sigh, my friends, sigh*

Oh well, maybe next time.

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