Why Drew Carey is a superior host of TPIR

That’s The Price is Right, for you uninitiated…

Bob Barker is a beloved television icon.  No question.  But I believe, sincerely, that his successor, one Mr. Drew Carey, is a superior host.

Here’s a list of reasons why:

1. His self deprecating humor.  Bob was known to take himself and his job a smidge too seriously.

2. Nowadays, the models are miked.  In Bob’s days, his “Beauties” would speak to him, but no one could understand what they were saying.  They were stuck in the mold of eye candy, not meant to really be more a part of the show than the dinette set up for bid.  Carey’s “Cuties” are introduced every episode, they interact with Drew, the announcer, and the contestants.  Also, on occasion, there will be some hot actor or another showing off the prizes.  Equal opportunity eye candy.

3. THEME shows!!!! Drew’s era has seen such themes as all firefighters, pregnant moms, teachers, military personnel, even twins! And there has been a week of celebrity shows with matching monetary prizes going to charity. Snoop Dogg and Plinko?  Yes, please!

4. He comments about and interacts with prizes, grocery items, bidders and their ridiculous $459 bids after a previous $500 one…  I love that he really is interested in the outcomes of the game.  He’s not just a microphone.

5. He just seems cooler and nicer than dear old Bob.  But who knows, maybe in 20 years we’ll find out that he sexually harrassed George the announcer guy or whatnot…

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