A Higher Power

Lala & Loopsy at the waterfront

Miracles abound... My little ladies, a lovely day, sunlight bouncing off the water!

A FB friend posted a beautiful picture of this morning’s sunrise over the beach on the lower eastern shore of Maryland.  It just struck me as majestic. Anyone’s who has been to the lower eastern shore of MD would probably tell you that it’s not exactly a paradise, but sometimes you see something lovely.  Sights like that, sights that can be seen nearly every day if only you pay attention, remind me that God exists.

Hubby and I have very different spiritual leanings. He’s a realist or a pragmatist, maybe??  He believes our lives and our destinies, even the very wonders of our world, are decided by our own actions, by history, biology, and other sciences, and not by God or fate or Merlin the wizard.  We see a beautiful sunrise that takes our breath away?  We can thank the tilt and rotation of the earth on its axis and the company who built our alarm clock that woke us up in time to see it.

Me?  I tend to be more enamored with the very wonders of our world.  I marvel at how a lovely spring breeze carries the delicate petals of our weeping cherry tree past our front window just as I’m feeling like staying on the couch all day.  What better inspiration to get outside and play?  I’m feeling nervous about meeting up with a new friend, only to find a penny on the drivers seat of my car and I’m reminded of a story Bestie told me about her Dad and I’m assured that everything will be alright.  The lady ahead of me in the checkout line is buying some gorgeous red bell peppers and I go back to the produce aisle and get some.  When I get home and show Hubby he’ll say, “Wow, I was just thinking about how my Mom would make roasted peppers!  They’d smell so good!”  See, dear love, see?  How can you doubt the intervention of the Divine?

The closest he ever came to agreeing with me was when our girls were born.  His mom had passed less than two months prior, and he tells me she sent him a vision of what they’d look like.  When he held them for the first time, he just wept.  He handed them back to me and told me that they looked just like he’d seen them.  I cuddled our little baby burritoes tight and said, “They are miracles.”  He nodded and wiped his tears.

Honestly, I don’t know how anyone who has kids can deny there is a God.  From seeing those little blue lines on the pee stick, to feeling that first flutter in my belly, to hearing that thumpa-thumpa of their heartbeats, to the fetal gymnastics that kept me up at night, to holding those little bundles for the first time in my arms…  Talk about majestic.  Of course, I also often wonder at the power of the Lord above that he gives them those adorable little smiles and giggles just at the time when I’m about to go postal on the little monsters.  He is Wise.

And, ya know, there are days when I curse those damn weeping cherry petals because my allergies are kicking my ass, or I toss that penny off my seat without a second thought, or decide that there’s no way I’m losing my place in the checkout line for damn peppers.  But I really try, most days, to soak it all in.  To be grateful for the little things, the little miracles that are everywhere, if only we take the time to look.


2 thoughts on “A Higher Power

  1. A few years ago I read a bit of The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine. He was very skeptical of religion and the Bible but was not skeptical about God. He talked about nature being the Word of God. This is a quote from him I’d posted on my blog.

    “…the creation we behold is the real and ever-existing Word of God, in which we cannot be deceived. It proclaims His power, it demonstrates His wisdom, it manifests His goodness and beneficence.”

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