Oh, no Mojo!

The past 7 days have been crap as far as my journey towards my Mojo is concerned.  Emotional, tense, lazy, stuffing my piehole with anything and everything…

I know off-weeks are to be expected.  But I find myself searching for reasons for this.  Was it hormones?  It is “that time of the month.”  Who knows.

Maybe its the holiday season.  My kids have been all hopped up on Bunny Rabbit juice or something and it’s been stressful.  Then there’s the fact that Easter was just another holiday with a fractured extended family.  (Long story, Peeps.  Not going to get into it.  At least not now.)

But like they say on Biggest Loser, it’s the season of NO EXCUSES.  I need to pull myself up by my yoga pants drawstring and get back to bidness…

Wish me luck!


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