My favorite time of day

So I posted yesterday about some less than positive feelings, and in an effort to not let those things consume me, I decided today to focus on my blessings.  After all, in the words of Audrey Hepburn (at least according to all those Pinterest quotes), “Happy girls are pretty girls.”

Not that my Mojo quest is all about appearances, but it is about feeling like my best Scroogy self.  So… Happiness is on the agenda today.

My favorite time of day is when Lala and Loopsy wake up, climb into our bed and we cuddle and whisper and laugh.  They do this when Hubby is at work and also on weekends when Hubby is home.  Their warm little bodies cuddle up between us and their little sleepy faces light up the room.  We have the most profound conversations.  About how there are 2 grown ups and 2 kids in our house and 2 and 2 is 4. And how we are a small family, but a happy family.  That little gem came straight out of Loopsy’s mouth.  Moments like that make me feel especially blessed at what Hubs and I are building together.

Sometimes they tell me about their dreams or nightmares.  Lala told me in vivid detail the dream she had about her sister drinking the goopy gop.  I’m not sure what goopy gop is, but it’s green and one is not supposed to drink it.  I marvel at the little imaginations they are developing, even in their sleep.  Loopsy told me this morning that she dreamt about princesses again, and that I was a queen.  Say what you will, feminists out there, about girls and Disney and princesses, but if I get to be a queen, I’m all for that.  Queens kick ass.

If its the weekend and Hubby is home when they wake up,  I gotta say, the sweetest sight on Earth is watching that smile spread across his face as he cuddles with his little girls.  I fall in love with him all over again every time.  The three of them are so lucky to have each other.  Love it.

As much as I love sleeping in, I really have grown to love being woken up by my little ones much more.

Laters, Peeps.  I feel better already.

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