I am Grateful Everyday

Yes, every day.

Last year, when my Mojo Journey was in its infancy, I read a book by Dr. Daniel Amen called Change Your Brain, Change Your Body.  In it, he details ways you can use the power of positive thought, along with supplements and small dietary and behavior changes, to really improve your health.  His basic philosophy was this: Meditation or prayer, Exercise, Sex, and Nutrition are vital to being the healthiest that you can be.  Not necessarily in that order.

So, I started going back to Church.  At first, it was incredibly uplifting.  I was comforted by the familiarity of the ritual.  I found in it an inspirational place to convene with my Maker.  One priest in particular was especially effective in helping me clear my head and embrace my spirituality.  But then, the little bits of new Vatican doctrine started to slip in.  I started feeling taken away from that peaceful place and feeling stifled and, I’m not sure how to put it, stunted, maybe?  I found myself less and less inspired to go to mass.

So Church stopped being an effective way for me to pray or meditate.  I’m still struggling to find that place of peace. I can’t see myself sitting cross-legged and chanting.  I did get into yoga once and found it left me feeling peaceful and centered.  Maybe I’ll give it another shot.

One thing that I have stuck to, in regards to Dr Amen’s advice, is to write down everyday that I am grateful for.  I keep a food diary, and list in it how much water I drink, what vitamins I take, and also I list 5 gratitudes for the day.  Some days it’s a stretch to list all 5.  But I find it important because if I don’t take a moment each day to remember that I have it pretty good, I’ll just let the bad thoughts fester and bring me down.

I challenge you Peeps to do the same.  You might find it as helpful a tool as I have.  You might find that you have areas of your life you need to change in order to be able to be grateful.  You might find that you have more going for you than you had realized.

These things don’t have to be profound, because often the simple blessings are the ones we forget to appreciate.  For instance, today one of my gratitudes is for crisp, clear, cool water.  It’s readily available, it’s easily taken for granted, it’s something that a huge percentage of the world’s population do not have.

Other days they are profound.  For example, I’m grateful to my husband for getting up with a smile every morning to go to work.  He’s a very dedicated employee, husband, and father.  I am very lucky.

Something just occurred to me, Peeps…  Perhaps this blog is my way of meditating.  I focus on my thoughts, bring them into clarity, and I feel better afterwards.  Hm…


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