New Scroogy List

Here is a list of things I want to do when I reach my goal weight.  Could also be considered a bucket list, I guess…

1. Get a tattoo.  I want something to remind me and to acknowledge my weight loss journey.  Lately I’m thinking of a cherry blossom tattoo where we can somehow work the numbers of pounds lost into the blooms.  Hmm.

2. Go on a roller coaster summer tour.  The last time I was on a roller coaster was at Hershey Park before my brother went away to boot camp or maybe before his first deployment.  Anyway, I remember being worried I wouldn’t fit in the seat.  Of course, I did fit, but it was not a good feeling.

3. Get portraits taken, including family portraits.  The last time I had professional pictures taken was the wedding.  5 years ago.  Meh.  I’d like something to celebrate my new self and to mark the beginning of new adventures for my family.  I don’t want those stiff studio photos though.  I want romantic and poignant and alive pictures.

4. Do walking or hiking tours of various cities throughout the US and Europe.  I’d love to see old historical towns like Salem, Massachusetts or places with picturesque views like the Nestucca Spit Trail in Oregon.  I’d like to see the settings of storybooks like Paris and London and maybe even Transylvania…  Mwuahahaha…

5. Renew our wedding vows in Las Vegas.  This is so so vain, but I want there to be memories and pictures of me, slender, in a wedding gown.  Plus, being at my healthiest will give me a new lease on life and I’d like to reaffirm my devotion to my marriage as the New Scroogy.  Hubby adores Vegas, and it would be just so much fun.  Just us two.

6. Take a Flying Trapeze lesson.  Taking the freedom and exhilaration of a child’s swing set to extreme adult levels. I can almost feel the wind whipping my hair already.

7. Take Belly Dancing or Tap Dancing…  I know I can take them now, but I’d love to buy those cute dancing outfits in my new size.  Haha.

8. Go on The Price is Right.  Also something I CAN do now, but I want to be at my goal weight and bond with Drew over our conquests in the Battle of the Bulge.  We’ll become life long friends.

9. Invest in a good touring bicycle.  I have these images of Healthy Scroogy pedaling all over the Greater Baltimore Area.  Maybe with wildflowers in my little basket.  I’m incredibly silly.

10. Climb the ruins of Machu Picchu.  I guess this could’ve been included in #4, but I feel this strong draw there, so I felt it deserved its own mention.  I love just looking at pictures and reading stories from those who have visited.  I long to set foot on those old stones myself.

Well, there ya go, Peeps.  I reserve the right to add or edit this list at any time.  Life is fluid, afterall.

Thanks for letting me share, as always!


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