The more and more I delve into the blogiverse, the more and more I realize there is work to be done here at Scroogyland, my Peeps.

I would love to be able to link to other blogs, to invite guest posts, to post video.  Although as I type this, I see the handy-dandy “Post a Video” button thanks to the lovely Peeps at WordPress.  Anyway, I just should really buckle down and make something of this space.

Something other than my goofy-ass ramblings and sporadic personal prose.  Something more of a community or a safe place for slightly neurotic, secretly fantastic, wanna-be writer Moms like me.  *sigh*  Something like those other blogs I spent most of the morning reading (between making breakfast, doing laundry, and bathing Lala & Loopsy). 

One day.  Maybe when they’re in school.  😉 



2 thoughts on “ProcrastiBLOGation

  1. So much to do, so little time. There is still so much I don’t know about blogging. But some of these people have been doing it a long time. The good thing is, everyone seems very nice about it. And I can’t imagine doing it with my kids home! You do very well!

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