Follow up to yesterday’s Post

Apparently, I need to elaborate on yesterday’s ProcrastiBLOGation.

Okay, it was so kindly pointed out by my Dear Dear Bestie, that yesterday’s post was not about what it should’ve been about…  I told her I’d get to it, eventually.  But whatever.

I have no idea how we ended up being such close friends.  We were even roommates.  I am still surprised we didn’t kill one another.  But for whatever reason, it worked for us.  Maybe it’s an opposites attract thing.

Here’s what I mean, Peeps…She’s an organizer and a doer.  Me?  I’m a thinker.  For example, when Hubby and I were taking our first trips together, I’d mention just after the trip was booked that I’d have to borrow her luggage.  She’d take them out of the attic that very week, scrub them clean, have them laid out and ready for me to pick up.  Which I would, weeks later, when I finally got around to packing.  The night before the trip.  Duh.

Now, I had a list of what I wanted to pack done ahead of time, either in my head, or written out.  But I just didn’t have the items laundered and folded and ready to put in a suitcase until just before the car service arrived to take us to the airport.  I don’t see what’s wrong with that.  I’ve never missed a flight because I wasn’t packed.  Honest.

I’m pretty sure that just reading that is causing her anxiety today.  Even though my last trip was over 5 years ago.  Bestie, you must chill.  Have a glass of wine.  Yes it’s daytime.  I won’t tell anyone.

Another example…She absolutely cannot stand that I have no clue what I’m doing for major holidays or events until the day before or sometimes even the day of.  Let me make sure you understood that.  She’s such a think ahead kinda gal, that it drives HER crazy that I don’t know MY plans.  I always think it’s funny.  Sorry, man.  And, just so you know, No, I still have not made plans for Sunday.  I know it’s Mother’s Day.  I’ll get around to it soon.

She tells me her Hubs is much like me.  She says she can’t deal and because of us, she needs to be medicated.  Again, sorry, man.  She asked me last night what it is that prevents us from getting things done on time.  I jokingly told her that we do get things done on time.  Last minute is still ON TIME, technically, right?

She said, “No, seriously, Scroogy…  What are you thinking about or doing that prevents you from planning ahead?”

My answer, “Um…  oh.  You expect an answer?  I’ll get back to you later on that.”



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