I am a writer

I read another bloggers post on this subject today.  He confirmed what I’ve always believed.  Blogging IS writing.  Duh.

Now I just have to convince Hubby.  I tell him I’ve been committed to writing each day.  He thinks I’m only referring to my Novel and asks me how many chapters I’ve finished.  Yikes.  I have no answer for that. Even Bestie’s on my case about it.  It was discussed during the procrastination portion of last night’s phone call.  They are my biggest fans and strongest supporters, so I know they mean well, but…  Ugh.

I haven’t actually written anything in my Novel for months.  I am honestly thinking of scrapping and starting over again.  I know, I know…  I hear you.  But the last time I re-read it, it didn’t sit right.  I think it lost its way.

Here’s what I’ll do…  I love schedules.  I’m going to devise a writing/blogging schedule that will include Novel time.  And maybe I’ll post an excerpt of Novel just because I am a feedback whore.

7:30 Wake up, dress, coffee, breakfast, FB, Words with Friends.

8:30 Start laundry or dishwasher. Read blogs/write my own blog post. Obsess over stats and replies to my comments.

9:30 Write Novel.  Email excerpts to Bestie.  Perhaps post some to the blogisphere.

11:00 Lunch, TPIR, FB, Words with Friends

12:00 Workout and/or play with Lala & Loopsy

1:00 Shower, dress, Honey-Do list

3:00 GH, FB, Words with Friends

4:00 Chores

5:00 Dinner, Lala & Loopsy baths, FB, Words with Friends, converse with Hubby.

8:00 TV time and then bed.

Sounds doable.  Notice I’m not leaving the house or really interacting with the kids much.  I suck.  Need to revise.  Maybe I should quit Words with Friends.  Haha.  Not.


12 thoughts on “I am a writer

  1. Maybe let your Bestie make a schedule for you since she rocks at planning , always remember the 6 p’s prior planning prevent piss poor performance

  2. Thanks for the comment on my post. I am about halfway done my book. I am just so excited about it I can’t stop adding to it. It is such a pleasure thinking that we can touch so many people with books. Be sure to stay tuned and also am a new follower on your site.

    Have a blessed day.

  3. My suggestion is if you put excerpts of your novel out there and you get feedback or suggestions for improvements, note them, but keep moving forward. I take my stuff to a writing group every Wed. night and they give me lots of suggestions. I tried in the past to go back and edit as I was trying to get the book done and it just sucked my time and killed my progress. You can make all kinds of changes after the book is done, but getting a first draft completed is a big accomplishment so stay focused on that most of all. (Of course this is the way things work for me, you may be able to edit as you go.)

    • Something to think about and really good advice, actually… As much as I love my Bestie, and as much as she loves my writing, one reason I’ve started and stopped this same Novel three times now is because her feedback and suggestions and my own internal editor started making me doubt the work. I think your advice of getting through a draft before sharing will help me actually finish it this time.

  4. Have you read Stephen King’s “On Writing”? It is a wonderful book and made me love him. And I think he pretty much says this…just get the first draft done. It can even be a “shitty first draft” like Anne Lammott would say (Bird by Bird is another good writing book). (I’ve only read four writing books but loved them all.)

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