Another Warning to My Daughters RE: Mean Girls

Sweetie Peas, we are watching one of your favorite Disney Jr shows, Lilo & Stitch.  Myrtle and her gang of minions just laughed in Lilo’s face and called Stitch ugly.

This has inspired me to relate to you some words of wisdom, via my blog, on Friendship and Mean Girls.

As hard as I hope and as loud as I pray, I am almost certain you will one day encounter Mean Girls.  I can only try to teach you to be sure enough of yourself to come away from these encounters with your lovely little spirits still intact.

Lilo’s solution to Myrtle’s latest attack was to get a Heckler (another experiment) to make fun of her in return.  Bad, Disney Jr, Bad!  Not a good lesson.  I’m hoping that Lilo realizes the error of her ways by the end of this episode. (note: By the end of the show, Lilo realized that being mean just hurts everyone, including yourself.  She learned that yeah, maybe she does have a potato nose, but she’s not going to let Myrtle bother her anymore.  Redemption, DJr, redemption.)

Lala & Loopsy, don’t fight fire with fire.  Putting someone else down is not a way to build yourself up.  Mean Girls may have a myriad of reasons for their evil deeds.  Maybe their home lives are sad, maybe they feel inferior at school, maybe their heads aren’t screwed on right, shoes too tight, hearts 2 sizes too small…

Don’t even go with the response my mom and aunts and dear Grandma Sylvie advised me to use, “You’re just jealous.”  That just invites more insults, really.  I like the response we learned on Little Bill (Yes, Peeps.  Another TV show.  Can’t help it.  There are just so many lessons I’ve learned from TV).  And that response is, “So?”

Mean Girl says you’re ugly.  You say, “So?”  No matter how she responds to that, just keep smiling and saying, “So?”  Because really, what does her opinion matter?  She’s one person.  And if she’s that sort of gal?  She’s not the kind of friend you want.  All that matters is that you know the things she says are not true.  That you know your worth and your worth has NOTHING to do with anyone but yourself.

Because my twinsies, you are NOT Mean Girls and you are definitely not the terrible things they call you.  You are sweet and kind and compassionate and empathetic and smart and funny and lovely all around.  You want to be everyone’s friend and I love that about you.  I wish I could be so open and accepting and have your amount of faith in my fellow Peeps.  I hope that part of you never changes.

My hope for you is that maybe one day Mean Girl will see the light and her heart will grow 3 sizes and that she will become your friend.  I hope that the gang of you will go forth and spread giggles around and dance and sing and make sand castles out of wood chips and not care that it’s not sand, but really wood chips.  (It’s ok, faithful readers, I did not have a stroke.  Lala and Loopsy know what I mean…)



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