Scroogy’s First Drunken Post

So… it was a tough day with the twinsies.  I decided to pour myself some cherry vodka and diet colas.  I watched some shows on my DVR.  American Idol and The B in Apt 23, in case you were wondering…  Then I decided to check FB.


Anyway…  I saw two FB friends post a video of a mom of a disabled child who was asked why she didn’t abort.  And then I got all political on their asses…

I loved the video.  I cried.  I love those parents and their son, Christian.  Even though I’ve never met them and probably never will.  But…  the video was on a “Christian” website and I just got twitchy about that.

Christians, for the most publicized and obvious part are Pro-Life.

I am a Christian.  Born and raised Roman Catholic to be exact.  And I am Pro-Choice.

Hey…  Fellow Christians and Roman Catholics…Tea Party Folks…  Kansas Peeps…  Here, in the words of vodka-influenced Scroogy is why we should all support reproductive freedom…

When I found out I was pregnant, my OB did the usual tests.  She called me a week later and told me that I am a carrier of the cystic fibrosis gene.  She urged me to get Hubby tested for said gene.  At first, I did ask him.  But he refused and explained why…  Did it make a difference?  He was right.  It did not.  Later on, we had to see a specialist because our babies were diamniotic/monochorionic twins (meaning they had separate amniotic sacs, but a shared chorion and therefore, a shared placenta).  There were dangers of twin to twin transfusion.  This specialist again urged us, at 20 weeks, for Hubby to get tested for the CF gene.  Again, we refused.

In a different time and place, (here I reference Nazi Germany) we may have been forced to get the testing and forced to abort.  Just like the lady in the video would have.  Because where do we draw the line at unacceptable defects?

If one day they are able to identify a homosexual gene, would doctors then be allowed to tell patients of it?  Would those parents be urged or maybe even forced to abort?

I believe that we should be allowed to have the children we want, and allowed to not have to children we don’t want.  I don’t think that the majority of women who have abortions do so lightly, without heartbreak, without regret.  But that is their heartbreak and regret to own.  I also believe in reincarnation.  I believe that those little souls who aren’t born yet just go back into the pool and get their chance later.

And so…  this is really vodka-induced… I think we all have to thank those women for sending the souls of our own children back into the pool so that they could be born to us.

OMG… people are gonna hate that.

Whatevs.  Bring on the Burnett’s Cherry Vodka


5 thoughts on “Scroogy’s First Drunken Post

  1. I don’t know if you like to read whole books on your computer but reading this makes me think I could share my probably-never-to-be-published second novel which is about abortion and reincarnation and also a girl whose deceased mother is like her guardian angel. I have it in a file that I could email you if you are interested. I personally, can only handle reading blogs on this screen.

    And I agree with you, this was a great post!

  2. Yes! Message me! I’ve passed this book around via email to at least 10 people, but must say only 2 of them actually read it. Those 2 liked it though. I haven’t read it in about 2 years ago, so I’m not sure how I feel about it now. I liked it back then, though knew it prob. needed some edits and that the abortion issue would make it impossible to be published as a debut novel.

  3. I love this post, vodka-induced or not. 😉 I agree wholeheartedly and canNOT imagine being told (or worse, forced) to abort a life I was carrying. If that was a choice I decided to make, so be it. But to have someone tell me that’s what I must do is asinine. Oh, and cherry vodka and diet coke used to be my #1 drink of choice! I loved Cabana Boy. 🙂

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