Scroogy’s First Family Vacation

Hubby and I used to travel before we had kids.  We’d take a trip to someplace tropical every other year.  And in between there were random trips to Chicago or Richmond for weddings or spontaneous weekend getaways to Atlantic City or Mohegan Sun in CT, or a radio station prize trip to Vegas or to DC or Manassas for  concerts.  We weren’t exactly globe trotters, but we got away.  And add to that the fact that we were long distance dating for the first 6 years, we had the packing thing down pat.

Our last official vacation was our honeymoon to Ochos Rios Jamaica.  We stayed at an all inclusive resort.  All we really had to bring was clothes and sunscreen.  And we could’ve gotten the sunscreen there.  Looking back, that was THE LIFE.  Sigh.  One day…

So, one of our cars is finally paid off and so we finally had some extra money to take our first Family Vacation.

I took the reins, as usual, and booked a few days in Wildwood, NJ.  Why, you say?  Well, Peeps, I used to spend a week every summer there in my early teen to late college years with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, Mom, and Brother.  We’d rent a couple of apartments and it was good old fashioned family fun.  I have a bazillion happy memories of Wildwood.  I remember watching my baby cousins have a blast and a half (said cousins are now in their twenties- oy vey).

Hubby was game because he’d spent a memorable weekend there in his wilder and crazier days and wanted to see the place from a new perspective.  So, there ya go.

Since the twinsies have not had a hotel stay since a semi-disastrous wedding trip when they were about 15 months old, the Hubs and I were apprehensive about planning a whole week away.  So we decided to go Monday through Wednesday.  Two nights, three days.

I packed three outfit options for each day- daytime outing, post beach/swim, nighttime outing- for each kid.  Plus jammies for each night and two sets of hoodies and leggings to layer on if it got chilly- which it did.  And, of course, all the pool/beach gear- suits, towels, blankets, water shoes, sunblock, sunglasses, sunhats, beach toys, pool toys, etc…  And then there were the other extras like their favorite snuggly toys and a few of their  little namesake figurines to keep them occupied in the downtimes.  We rented an efficiency room, so I also packed juices, water, snacks, etc.  And Loopsy had a bad cold, with Lala showing early symptoms, so I packed homeopathic cold meds, kids ibuprofen, sore throat and vitamin c pops, and a few boxes of tissues.  Whew…  For 2 nights.

And wouldn’t you know I STILL didn’t pack everything we needed?  I suck.  Which Hubby did not hesitate to remind me.  (No mention of the fact that everything we DID have, I packed.  He packed only his own clothes, so…  yeah.)

I forgot paper plates, plastic utensils, and paper towels.  The efficiency did have its own dishes and utensils, but Hubby is a germophobe so there was NO way we were going to use those.  Even though I brought our own dish soap to wash them.  Oh well.

I also forgot the girls’ pool swimmy thingies so Hubby and I had to carry them around the pool the whole time.  Which was ok.  It was fun.  Not the relaxing poolside with a cocktail while the kids splashed happily nearby kind of fun, but, ya know.  Whatevs.

But even though I am apparently a disaster at packing, and even though the kids were under the weather, and the actual weather was stormy and/or chilly the whole time, and even through Hubby’s gloom and doom “everything sucks” moments, we still had a wonderful little family vaca.  I can’t wait until next year.

But, I’ll be checking the Farmer’s Almanac and picking the week with the best predicted weather for the Jersey Shore.  I’ll be loading the kids up with vitamin C and zinc or chicken soup or some other cold-keeping-away voodoo in the weeks before the trip.  And I’ll sure as heck not forget our own paper products.

Maybe he thought Snooki stayed there the week before us.  I dunno.  I don’t get him sometimes.  Haha.

5 thoughts on “Scroogy’s First Family Vacation

  1. I apologize for causing the need for the semi-diasterous hotel trip for a wedding. (Though, this is a story I have not heard! We’re about to take our 15 mo to a wedding…)

    • No need to apologize… It was poor planning on my part. We left for the drive way too early. Hubby was grouchy, kids were cranky, it was their first time in the pack & play… The wedding itself was wonderful! They slept through most and danced through the rest!

      • Aww, I hate it when the logistics don’t work out! Sylvie did NOT like the second leg of our journey from Columbus, OH to Falls Church, VA, so I totally hear you (though you had it times two).

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