Shout out to the rest of the fellas…

It takes a village to raise a child.  According to Hilary Clinton.  But, I think she’s on to something, Peeps.

My Mom raised me pretty much on her own after my stepfather and then my actual father passed within a year of each other.  But, since yesterday was Father’s Day, I took some time to reflect on the other fellas that made a difference to me growing up.  And the ones that still do make a difference.

First, there is my Uncle Ed.  Wow, I am already tearing up, dammit.  Uncle Ed is my mom’s sister’s husband.  He and my Aunt Kathy started dating when I was a few months old.  I was a junior bridesmaid in their wedding.  I was adorable.  haha.  But, really, Uncle Ed has been a constant in my life.  Someone sure to make me smile (or more accurately, to laugh until my face hurts), to listen, to share generously.  We can’t agree on religion or politics, but, that’s okay.  So, Happy Father’s Day Uncle Eddie.  I love you.

While we’re talking uncles, I can’t forget to say Happy Father’s Day to my Uncle John.  He’s also my mom’s brother-in-law, married to my Aunt Josie (my godmother).  Uncle John is a quiet fella, a gentle man.  He’s more apt to show you affection by teasing you about wearing ugly shoes than by giving a hug.  He reminds me of Hubby that way.  In a lot of ways, actually, haha.  That’s why we chose him to be Lala’s godfather.  I’ll always be grateful that he, more warmly than I could’ve predicted, welcomed Hubby into his family and home.  He even purchased Yankees gear for him.  Which had to be a bitter pill to swallow for a die hard Orioles fan.  Thank you, Uncle John.  I love you.

Then, there was my Grandpa and my mom’s uncle, Uncle Buddy.  These two men could not have been more different.  Grandpa was an introvert, Uncle Buddy, the class clown.  Grandpa showed me the art of the quiet observer.  Uncle Buddy taught me a lot of naughty jokes.  I can’t imagine my childhood without them.

But now that childhood is LOOOOONNG gone (I’m old, yo), there are still a few gentlemen that mean a lot to me and mine.

First, there is my mom’s husband, Jim.  He and I had a rocky start.  There was never a father/daughter thing between us.  And that’s okay.  He loves my mom to the nth degree and they really enjoy each other.  They travel and go to festivals and are regulars at TGIFridays and Mom is loving every minute.  Jim and I are forging a true friendship that grows closer and more meaningful with each passing year.  He’s a proud and loving Pop-pop to my girls and nothing could make him more precious to me than that!  Happy Father’s Day, Jim!  Love you.

Second, there’s Brother.  My first playmate.  Oh my…  I’ve got to stop crying.  Damn.  Ugh.  Ok.  My hope for the future is that we get back to that closeness we used to have.  I love you, bro.

Lastly, but not least, is Hubby!  My main man.  The love of my life.  Lala’s and Loopsy’s hero.  I’ve written about him here before, and I’m sure to write even more, so I won’t go on and on.  But, I do want to say Thank you, babe, for working so hard and making smart decisions and doing all that you do to support our little family.  I’m forever grateful.  Happy Father’s Day!!!

Thanks fellas.  I don’t know what I’d do without ya!

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