Power Up (bloop bloop bloop)…

Aw, yeah, video game style.  I love Super Mario Brothers.

I found this quote on another blog last week, “Power… comes from below. Power picks up a towel and serves. Power chooses the less glamorous choice. Power is not so insecure that it needs the final word. Power does not need control.”

The context of the quote was about Mutuality, which I don’t know much about, but I think it has something to do with Women and Men in Ministry (my faith is another thing I’m searching and learning about).  Once I feel more certain, I will probably blog about this too.

So the quote brought so many ideas to mind.  I’d like to examine two, a personal one, and a more global one.

Anyway, firstly, ever since my anger post a couple of months back, I’ve been doing some soul searching on my power in relationships and the power I give up to others and the affect it has on my Mojo.  And also on the concept of what is personal Power.  Here are my thoughts…

Do I give up power?  Hm…I really don’t feel like I do.  I feel like it takes a stronger person to grin and bear it and put aside pain and anger and resentment and try to make the most of life.  I read a Chicken Soup for the Soul story ages ago which had a basic moral of “Happiness is a decision.”  I totally believe that to be true.  Why wallow in anger?  Why let that steal any moments away from you?

Other people think I’m passive aggressive and a door mat.  So, I’ve examined myself and looked deep and decided, that well, maybe I am passive aggressive.  Because I HATE conflict.  But I am not a doormat.

Yes, many times I let Hubby or my friends or a family member have the last word in an argument.  I do so because I know I’m right and I don’t need them to agree for it to still be true.  I take peace in my certainty.

Now, there are times when I do fight back and usually those are the times when I’m less certain about my arguments.  The times when I’m still fighting with myself over the issue at hand.  Or, it could be that I’m caught up in a new emotion or set of emotions and haven’t processed it, so I’m more apt to lash out.

There ya go Peeps, during those times when I am letting it go, when you think I’m giving in or giving up?  Just know I’m taking my own red and white polka dotted mushroom and bloop bloop bloop!  😀  I’m powering up.

Because, no, I don’t believe I give up power because the only power that exists is within me.  Wow.  Perhaps I’m full of shit.  Haha.  See, I started watching this Morgan Freeman: Through the Wormhole about perception and reality and it’s totally twisted me up.  Haha.  Again, that’s a subject for another blog post.

But switching gears here and going back to the quote and the other, global, idea.

I believe also that the real strength of our world, our society, comes from the SILENT warriors.  The housewives, the teachers, the firefighters and police officers, the garbage men, the mail carriers…  The everyday men and women who get up everyday and go to work and earn a living and spend their paycheck on groceries and electric bills and clothes for their families.

I think if our nation took more time to bail out these people and less time bailing out the bankers and corporations and those LOUDER, supposedly powerful folks, then the economy will bounce back and be stronger than ever before.

Note that I emphasized SILENT and LOUDER.  See, Peeps, I didn’t just do that to be shouty.  If more regular folks used their God given voices, their Constitutional rights to vote, to protest, to engage in our world, then the real Power will be evident.  Look at me getting all political.

But, honestly, I think that the voices of the few extreme left or extreme right are not the voices of the real people with the real strength.  They are just the loudest. Loud and fighty doesn’t mean valid and powerful.

In this case however, we can’t just rest on our own resolve and let the world think what they may.

C’mon, Power Up!  There are even those mushrooms with the spinny things that make you fly!

(No.  I do not do drugs.)

(Anymore 😉 )


2 thoughts on “Power Up (bloop bloop bloop)…

  1. I am so with you – I cannot STAND conflict! So sometimes I’ll just end a disagreement with silence, because in my head I know I’m right and I’m just sick of talking about it. 🙂 And as for bailing out the everyday men and women instead of the big-wigs? AMEN!!

  2. I have learned that the easiest way to deal with the most difficult people is to just let them be right. It’s not worth the frustration arguing with someone who will never see another side of things. There is at least one relationship that I completely transformed just by letting her talk and going along instead of trying to “correct” her.

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