Scroogy Reads

So… last week Bestie introduced me to Goodreads.  I was already aching to get back into reading fiction.  (50 Shades of Grey took me months to finish).  So, I got a few books at the library and then checked out the website.  I think it’s my new favorite thing.

You rate books you’ve already read, can even write reviews, can tag books you want to read (really helpful, because I’m always forgetting that one book I’ve been meaning to read once I get to the library or book store), and then the site makes recommendations on books you might like based on those you’ve read/reviewed/tagged.  There are even quizzes and trivia games and discussion boards about books.  I’m a geek in love.

Well, I read Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout first.  It was a light read, and I gave it a light review.  Then I read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith.  Here’s my review:
Okay, Peeps, well…  I am a lifelong fan of vampire fiction and for the past 10 years or more I have also been a fan of historical fiction.  So, I was drawn to the idea of this book.

I read it very quickly (even though, due to the fact that I accidentally put a hold on the LARGE PRINT edition at the library, I was distracted by the font and format).  I was very curious to see how Seth Grahame-Smith would weave the vampire legend into the life of one of America’s most influential Presidents.  I was even more interested in how Abe would end up befriending Baltimore Legend Edgar Allen Poe.  So, for those reasons, I flew through the pages until the last few.  And for the most part, I was highly entertained.

Yes, many, many artistic liberties are taken with historical events.  But as a vampire fan, this sat well with me, especially knowing how several of my favorite vampire characters were already tied to the Civil War (Stefan Salvatore from Vampire Diaries, Henry and Aidan from Being Human, Bill Compton from True Blood).  I could easy swallow the idea that the dark, brother vs brother, bloody war would include preternatural elements.

As the book came to its conclusion, and I began to guess where it was headed, I read more and more slowly.  I just didn’t want to see it happen.  But, it did.  Although, I suppose it was a fitting end to this version of Abe’s life.  Maybe my reluctance to see it go that way lies in my curiosity about how he handled Henry’s “gift” and how exactly did he go on to do the things Grahame-Smith credits him with.  Maybe there should be a sequel…??

Next up…  Hunger Games!!!  I’m very excited.


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