How did I get this way?

I blame FB or maybe rather, credit FB for giving me opportunities to read controversial or politically charged articles that I, on my own, wouldn’t put the effort into reading.  And I do read both sides of the fence. Because I have friends and loved ones on either side of the spectrum.

Tonight, I had a great night after Lala and Loopsy were sung to and tucked in.  I tuned into some great trash TV and texted with a good friend and had some wine and some laughs. 

Then I logged into FB, where Akin’s (is that his name?  seriously, I’m typing too furiously to google and be sure) asinine comment is still making waves.  I see one of my idols, Anne Rice, post an article about the Pro-Choice movement.  I get part of the way through and I’m like… I must BLOG.

See, Peeps?  It’s all b/c of social media.


I am vehemently PRO CHOICE. And I will defend a woman’s right to choose to the bone.


Because no one, not her partner, her parents, her congressman, her priest, or her God has any right to her power to procreate.

Because once we allow OTHERS to tell a women she HAS to carry a child she isn’t prepared for, we are really one small step away from telling her she CANNOT carry a child that she wants.

Reproductive freedom is a door that swings both ways.

Stay out of our uteruses.  Uteri?  Whatever.



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