The most lovely sight

So, gonna get weepy here, Peeps.

Ya know how I’ve been all Debby Downer about my fear of ending up like my Dad.  I don’t need to go there again.

But this kinda relates.

This weekend, I have been enjoying watching Lala and Loopsy rediscover the Cabbage Patch dolls they got this Christmas.  I’ve been calling myself Grandma and having fun with my granddaughters Kayla and Macy.  😉

This evening, the girls wanted me to teach them the night-night songs I sing each night so that they could put their babies to sleep.

So, I had Lala and Kayla on one half of my lap, and Loopsy and Macy on the other, and we rocked together and they sang along with me to Me & Bobby McGee.

I watched my daughters, so serious, so loving, rocking their dolls and singing quietly and I felt just especially blessed.  It was the most lovely sight.

(stop laughing at me)

I hope with all my heart that I’ll be able to watch this moment unfold for real in 25 years or so.  I will consider myself the luckiest Grandma on Earth.

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