As Scroogy’s World Turns

I put Lala and the Loopster to bed about 3 hrs ago.  Since then I had dinner, watched Big Brother 14, caught up on FB and Twitter and texted my Sister-in law, then settled in with some vino to watch today’s GH.  There’s another apocalyptic event in Port Charles.  A psycho unleashed a pathogen into the water supply.  Who will live?  Who will die? All the while new connections are made.  Old ones are fizzling (Jax is back?  Bye-bye Johnny!)  What will happen?  Stay tuned….


Now, I’ve been a soap opera viewer since before I went to school.  I have flashes of memory as a preschooler watching Days of Our Lives while Mom and Brother napped on the sofa.  I think I was drawn in because there were two popular characters named Doug and Julie (my Dad’s and Aunt’s names).  Incidentally,  Doug was originally married to Julie’s mother and his daughter, Hope, is Julie’s stepdaughter and sister, so…  Only in soaps.  Or on Springer.

Later, babysitters and my grandparents further sucked me into the lives of Bo & Hope, Victor & Nikki, Brooke & Ridge/Taylor & Ridge,  Luke & Laura, Erica Kane, Lucinda Walsh, and Vikki/Nikki.  My life has intertwined with the lives of the residents of Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles, Pine Valley, Oakdale, and Llanview, and fictional version of L.A. throughout my life. From my last days in Baltimore City before we moved to the suburbs as a pre-teen. (My last “official” babysitter got me hooked on As The World Turns when rich bitch Lily Walsh fell in love with stable boy Holden Snyder.  I think it’s Holden’s fault I’m a sucker for longish hair.  *side note- my Grandma somehow knew the mom or grandmother of the last actress who played Lily.  She was also on Loving* Also, as we packed up our little rowhome, I vividly remember watching Terri walk down the street of that small town in her wedding gown in hysterics as she was about to marry Kevin O’Connor… maybe I’m remembering wrong b/c I don’t find a damn thing on YouTube)

Then in my teen-angst days in Bel Air (My stepfather Bob and I watched Bold and The Beautiful many afternoons as he lay sick in the hospice bed in our clubroom. He didn’t know what was on, and the antennae down there really only picked up CBS).  Then in college, my freshman year roomie acquainted me with Y&R as baby Nicholas choked on a dime, only to be saved at the last-minute by his father, Victor.  I think I’ve blogged before about my Granddad and his “stories”.  His favorites were the Erica Show and the Dorian Show.  I guess Poppy liked ’em feisty.  All leading to today’s episode of General Hospital.

See, Peeps.  I really have been a soapster.

Soaps seem to be dying off.  And no one is more Scroogy about it than I.  Soaps may be looked down upon by pop culture or by thespian elite, but they are part of many, many lives.  Even Bestie’s bro-in-law admitted he was gonna trade in his Man Card b/c he was just as thunder struck as I was that Duke Lavery was the one holding Robin on GH.  I mean, I grew up with Robin Scorpio.  I remember her meeting her father Robert for the first time.  And that’s not all… I remember Starr “Shorty” Manning when she was in her awkward phase.  (Seriously, I had to fast forward through the scenes of her losing the big V.  I couldn’t take it.)  Same with Michael Corinthos III.  I remember that cute little ginger kid that was so annoying. like anyone’s little bro or cousin or neighbor…  I cried when Vikki said goodbye to Dorian on OLTL, b/c I was there when they were the original frenemies.

I mean, look at these ladies.  The love, the admiration...


These characters, family trees, towns, histories are so intertwined with so many of our memories.  They have survived generations.

How can we let them go?

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