Lessons I’ve learned from The Doctor (so far)

Yes, I have been sucked into the vortex.  I am a Who-vian.  How did I resist for so long?  *sigh*  I have watched almost 4 entire seasons since Sept 1.  I’m not ashamed.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned thus far:

1. If you give up your whole world to follow a man, the results are usually disastrous.  Rose ended up being trapped in a parallel universe and Martha’s family is forever scarred from the torture and abuse they suffered.  And Donna?  Well… I just watched the episode where Donna Noble has been saved in the library, and I swear I will be furious if she’s really dead.  She’s, so far, the only companion who hasn’t gone all googly eyed over The Doctor.  She calls him on his shit and I think she’s awesome.  And really funny.

2. British TV shows/writers/characters seem to show a great deal more compassion for the value of life and more respect for diversity than American TV shows/writers/characters.  Maybe because it’s just so heavy handed in Doctor Who.  But I used to watch Red Dwarf and The Fades and Hex and, of course, AbFab, and well…  yeah.

3. They just don’t teach recreational mathematics anymore!

4. No matter how awesome it seems, if I had the choice of being a vampire, a Time Lord, or a human, I’d choose human.  Every time.  Watching the universe move on without you seems fairly devastating.

5. Some events are just supposed to happen.  No matter how devastating.

6. Rubber soles could save your life.  And the world.




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