Scroogy Knows Best (yeah, right)

Welcome to my first weekly Mommyhood Monday!!!

In between parenting, cleaning the bathrooms, washing towels, making phone calls for my husband, and sneaking a few minutes of  SOA on Netflix, I tried to think of what to write about today.  Figured I’d take a moment to write my blog post before I move on to cleaning the kitchen.  Glamorous life.  I know you’re totes jelly.  (I stole that from my cousin’s FB friend.  I’ve been waiting to use it properly.  See, I’m down with the lingo… Awwww, yeah…)

Should I go into how I’ve finally deciphered Hubby’s parenting style?  He’s a Kamikaze Parent.  He Daddy-bombs the children and then flies away.  He’ll be hiding in his man cave, playing World of Tanks, then he’ll storm upstairs, make the twins a snack, or engage them in a tickle fight, or cuddle with them for a moment on the sofa, and just as quickly, return from whence he came.  Who was that Yankee’s jersey clad man?  Mysterious.

Should I list (like every other Mommy blogger) the “Things They Should’ve Told Us to Expect When We Were Expecting”?  Today’s item would be that until becoming a parent, you probably felt no camaraderie with homicidal maniacs.  Seriously, how can the sound of the little voice I so longed to hear all those years suddenly be the sound that flips that switch which makes me go from a mild-mannered David Banner-type to a mostly pink version of The Hulk?  Scroogy smash all the things…  I sometimes wonder if the monster my kids keep insisting lives in their closet is really my angry doppelgänger.

Should I wax philosophically about how my daughters inspire me every day to be a better person?  They are so smart, so creative, so energetic.  I want to nurture, inspire, harness all of these qualities for the good of my kids, for the good of myself.  They deserve so much better than my half-hearted, procrastinating, fear-stilted ways.  Every day, I look at them and vow to bring out the fierce.

I dunno.  What would you guys like to hear?




4 thoughts on “Scroogy Knows Best (yeah, right)

    • Probably right, Kate. But then I’ll get all paranoid that the Peeps will be all judgy and then I’ll get more insecure and it will be a vicious bad Mommy cycle. That being said, I have been wanting to work on not worrying about what other people think and just doing and writing what I feel in my heart. So… could be a good first step to more honest Scroogyhood.

      • People will always be judgy, sadly. But, Glennon of Momastry can talk about being a recovering alcoholic, and recovering bulimic, and still be a good mommy. i’m sure people judge her too, but it it’s possible to let the positive voices over power the negative ones. ❤ how about a list of ways you know you are a good mommy, first? I'll start for you: you have been honest and forthcoming about death with your children, letting them know that love lasts after death, and that people can still be with them — while still being matter of fact. That is brave and wonderful.

      • Thanks, Kate. I was shell shocked by loss at a young age myself and I am trying to protect them from that. And prepare them. Death is part of life. Anyway, it means a lot that someone notices.

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