Thankful Thursday

When I originally decided to Schedule the Scrooge, I was going to use Thursdays as a chance to reflect on my weight-loss and healthy living efforts.  And perhaps I still will at times, but calling it “Thinner Thursday” left a yucky taste in my mouth.  Like an improper focus on the superficial kinda taste.

So Thursdays have now been changed to Thankful Thursdays.

Here are things I am grateful for today:

  1. Bestie’s First Born Little A.  Today she is 10, not so little anymore.  She was my Baby BFF back in the day.  We’d chill every Thursday and watch Friends and she’d play with my pink earrings.  I love you little girl!
  2. My cousin Sarah.  Last night we had a FB conversation about love and life and in giving her advice, I realized some wisdom I need to apply to my own problems.  Thank you Sarah for always appreciating me and proving that I do know what I’m doing.  I love you.
  3. My hubby for leaving money on my desk the other day and telling me to go ahead and finally get my hair done.  I know it seems silly, but it was really very sweet and much welcomed.  My gnarly grays and dark roots thank you.
  4. Starbucks coffee for selling your whole beans in large packages at BJs. Today I need coffee like crazy.  2nd night in a row for nightmares with the girls.  Mmm… coffee…
  5. The Powers That Be for the air in my lungs and the beat of my heart.  Everyday is another chance.

What are you Peeps thankful for?


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