TV According to Scroogy

So, for today’s TV Tuesday, I am gonna entertain you with the top 10 shows you SHOULD watch, and the top 10 shows I can’t believe ANYONE still watches.  Because I want to, that’s why…

Let’s go downsides first.

Why are these shows still on the air?:

  1. Two and a Half Men:  My father in law loved this show.  I used to watch it with him when we’d visit.  He’d laugh his tookus off.  Well, laugh with as much enthusiasm as I ever saw in him.  He was a subdued fella.  But back to the show- I just don’t get it.  The jokes are forced, the characters are flat, and there is no interesting plotline.  The kid isn’t even in that cute stage anymore.  Who watches this?
  2. NCIS: I’ve never watched this show.  Ever.  And I don’t know anyone who has.  Have you?  It seems like it should be a very popular show, but yet…  It’s like the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes.  I don’t know anyone who has won that.  Probably all NCIS viewers.
  3. Duck Dynasty:  I don’t even know what this is…  Same goes for Swamp People.  Is this a thing?  Weird redneck shows?
  4. Animal Practice:  This is a new show, but I really don’t get how it got picked up.  I love the actors in it, so I watched the pilot.  It’s ridiculous.  Sorry, Animal Practice stars…  Your work was so much better in other shows that didn’t make it.  (Another blog topic…)
  5. 2 Broke Girls:  I watched this show twice because CBS told me it was the new hit comedy.  Blah.  It is not.
  6. Mike & Molly:  Ok, maybe I need to give this one another chance b/c I love Melissa McCarthy.  But, the time I watched it, it seemed like there was just a lot of fat jokes.  I’m hoping it gets better than that.
  7. Bachelor Pad:  I guess ABC execs took a cue from the never ending reality stories of MTV’s Real World/Road Rules challenges.  Wait, do they still do Road Rules?  Anyway…  It’s just a way to extend the 15 minutes of fame for Bachelor/Bachelorette cast offs.  Who watches this?  No really… who?
  8. Bob’s Burgers:  Am I too smart or too dumb to get the humor on this show?  I can’t decide.
  9. Cops:  Hubby loves Cops.  Really, he does.  My thought is that how many times can you see the same scenario play out with the same types of people?
  10. The entire Say Yes to the Dress franchise:  Why does there have to be 4 different series?  Can’t one series cover brides in NYC and Atlanta, plus-sized brides, and bridesmaids?  TLC is already chock full of nonsense that has little to do with Learning.  (But I will admit that I love Sister Wives and Long Island Medium- sorry.)

Now for my favorite shows that I can’t believe everyone I know isn’t watching.

Seriously, Peeps, why AREN’T you watching these shows?:

  1. Doctor Who:  I resisted this show for many years, thinking it sort of a cult thing that only anglophiles or nerds would understand or enjoy.  But I saw that Chris Hardwick is a huge fan, and I love him.  And so are several family members, and I really love them.  So, I gave it a shot.  LOVE.  I keep looking for reasons to paint something in my home like the TARDIS.  Maybe I am an anglophile or a nerd.  (Probably, definitely a nerd…)
  2. Sons of Anarchy:  Listen, y’all…  This is not just some fringe show about outlaws and hillbillies.  It’s really well written.  The characters are real and fully fleshed out.  The plot lines make sense and still keep you on the edge of your seat.  It’s actually incredibly popular and beats out other shows in its time slot, but I’m the one of the few people I know who watch it.  So…Watch it.  You won’t regret it.
  3. The Walking Dead: It’s coming back Sunday and I just cannot wait.  I really can not.  I know I must, but…  Zombies, blood, gore, shock scares, sweaty hot dudes (I’m really very into Daryl Dixon, don’t know why), that cute guy from Love Actually (Andrew Lincoln) as a bad ass sheriff, a chick that really sucks so bad as a person that I actually yell at the TV…  I really cannot stand Lori.  It’s more than just a horror show.  It’s like a soap opera, with Zombies.  How can you not watch this?
  4. Bones:  I’ve been watching a lot of new shows lately and when the new season of my old favorites came back, I worried that they’d lose their luster.  Some have.  But not Bones.  It’s just that good.  I love the witty banter, the rotating interns, the chemistry between Booth and Brennan, the friendship of Angela and Tempie…  I mean.  I love this show.  Don’t you?  No?
  5. Cougar Town: Why aren’t more people in love with this show?  It really has nothing to do with Cougars.  The little gang led by Courtney Cox’s Jules is just hysterically funny.  I almost spit out my wine at least once an episode.  And if you do watch the show, you know wasting wine would be a criminal offense.  And I really would love to start getting Penny Can to catch on in real life.  Penny Can!!!
  6. Arrested Development:  It’s been cancelled for years, but is coming back with new episodes on Netflix.  The Bluths are horrible people. But it’s hilarious.  Jason Bateman is adorable.  Ron Howard narrates.  Scott Baio plays a lawyer named Bob Loblaw.  Just say that out loud for me…  You’ve GOT to watch this show.  Seriously.
  7. American Horror Story:  I really like horror/gross/gritty stuff, I guess.  Anyway, it’s coming back for its second season with a whole new storyline.  So you don’t need to have seen it last year to get into it this year.  Last season was off the wall creepy.  I loved every eerie, nutball, wackadoodle minute.  I only wish Hubby would watch it so there’d be someone to hold me.  It’s scary, Peeps.
  8. Big Brother:  This show won’t be back until next summer, it’s one of those summertime schedule fillers.  But I friggin love it.  Hubby will constantly bitch at me about how ridiculous the show is, but that is precisely why I love it.  13 (or so) people are locked in a house for the summer and forced to compete in asinine challenges for “power”, rewards, cash, and ultimately the prize of $500K.  What I find endlessly entertaining is how important these contestants think it all is.  Even after the show is over.  They make careers outta this, guys…  Nuts.  I can’t help myself.  Love. So. Hard.  Join me, won’t you? Should start early July 2013.  😀
  9. Real Housewives franchise:  Talk about ridiculousness, aggrandized self-importance, and nuts?  Oh, yes…  The Bravo Real Housewives shows are the bombdiggity.  Especially New Jersey.  Those ladies know how to bring crazy back season after season.  I love to hate them and hate to love them. All of them.  At the same time.  I can’t ever decide who is the worst or whose side I’m on.  It’s so much fun.
  10. Breakout Kings:  I just found out this show was cancelled, Peeps.  Give me a moment…  (sniff-sniff).  This was a great show and I can only hope it will be brought back to another network or to Netflix one day soon.  The premise is that the Federal Marshals hire a team of currently incarcerated convicts to help them catch escaped prisoners.  It is so good.  Domenick Lombardo (formerly of The Wire and Entourage) and Jimmi Simpson (from The Late Show with David Letterman) ALONE make the show amazeballs.  This was one of the only shows Hubby would watch with me.  I’m sad.  Meh.

So…  that’s my TV Tuesday for this week.  Feel free to comment here or on FB or Twitter and tell me I’m crazy or wrong and state your case for your own shows.  I love feedback.  Duh.



4 thoughts on “TV According to Scroogy

  1. I watch NCIS. Not regularly but when I do it’s when Ed and I don’t agree to watch anything else. And then we look at things on our phones at the same time.

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