Happy Wedursday!

So…  I have a cold and I took some NyQuil yesterday and was asleep by 7.  I tried to watch some movie with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher as I rested in bed, but my eyelids decided that closing was the best option.

I missed out on my Wildcard Wednesday post.  (Bad blogger!)

I’m gonna combine it with my Thankful Thursday post.  I’m cheating.  Who is keeping score?  Right.

(Can you tell I’m still feeling all cloudy-headed from this cold?)

This Wedursday I am thankful for the Baltimore Orioles.

They have rallied this season like no other since the late 90s and are currently in the ALDS against the NY Yankees.  It’s brought the city together, made people wear ORANGE on Fridays around here in October for a change, and has given the Hubs and me something healthy to banter (I almost typed bicker) about.

I won’t pretend to be some tried and true sports fan.  I usually only get passionate during the playoffs.  I didn’t even stay up to watch Game 3 last night.

But something simple like a ball game can give perfect strangers reasons to talk to each other at the check out line or while walking down the street.  That’s sort of magical, don’t you think?

O-R-I-O-L-E-S Magic, magic, magic, magic…

Over and out.



2 thoughts on “Happy Wedursday!

  1. AAAAAWWWWWW…Hope your feeling better soon pretty Mama. It sucks to be sick. Sports….unlike politics…can bring us all together. We admire the effort it takes to play the game and all the hurdles they have to over come. If politicians tried anywhere near as hard… to play for the betterment of the team…our country would be SO much better off!

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