Watching History

Many peeps make snide or actual innocent comments about the time I spend on social media.  Look, I have enough mommy guilt on my own, so lay off.  I don’t have coworkers to gossip with.  I don’t have a book club or ladies with whom to lunch.  Social media is my outlet, socially.  See, that’s why it’s called that.  Anyway, if it weren’t for Twitter yesterday morning, I never would’ve known about Felix Baumgartner and his crazy ass stunt.

Lala and Loopsy and I woke up Sunday morn and did our usual routine.  They played and whined about watching Doc McStuffins or Charlie and Lola while I got breakfast ready and poured their milks.  I turned on my laptop and then made my pot of coffee.

I see Patton Oswalt tweeting something about a space jump.  Then on FB, I see an old college friend post a link to the Red Bull site for said space jump.  Color me intrigued…

I googled it and found out that a man was going to jump out of a space capsule attached to a giant balloon 24 miles above the Earth.  Holy amazeballs!

I immediately interrupted my kid’s PB & J Otter and put on CNN.  (Found out later there was better coverage on Discovery, my bad).  We watched the whole history making thing.

It was awesome.

Lala said it’s crazy and she’s afraid to be so high.  Loopsy said she’d never do that because it’s dangerous.  I told them I’d love to do it, but I’d probably chicken out at the last-minute.

When Felix opened the capsule door and we could see his view of Earth…  astounding.  Loopsy thought it must be the moon because it wasn’t green and blue like the globes are.  I kept saying, “Girls, he’s above the world.  He’s higher than the clouds.  Higher than airplanes fly.”  I just couldn’t believe he was really doing it.

Then Felix stepped outside the capsule onto the steps.  Like it was no biggie.  Like he was on a diving board.  Crazy pants.  I grabbed my daughters hands and squeezed them tight.

Then he just…  Fell….  I started pacing at this point because CNN stopped showing live footage.  They were afraid of what might happen, I guess.

Soon, they were showing his parachute high in the sky.  The camera focused on his mother.  She was crying tears of joy, of relief.  I got all choked up too.  Wow.  He made it.

He landed on his feet.

From the edge of space.

Just…  cool.

I’m so glad that I was able to share this moment with my children.  It will be in history books for their children and grandchildren to read about.

So, thanks Twitter and Facebook.  See…  not such a waste of time.


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