My Vampire could kick your Honor Student’s Butt

One of my must DVR shows is The Vampire Diaries on The CW.  Based very loosely on the novels of the same name by L.J. Smith, the show follows a group of teenagers -some are vampires (Caroline, Stefan, Damon), there are a couple of werewolf/vampire hybrids (Klaus & Tyler), a witch (Bonnie), a boy who can see ghosts (Jeremy), and the human girl who binds them all, Elena.  (I left out plain old human Matt, but, really, I don’t get why he’s still in Mystic Falls.  His parents and sister are gone, and the town is over run with supernaturals with whom he really doesn’t fit in, so…  Move on, Matt.  Move on.)

TVD, as it will heretofore be called, was a show I initially hesitated about watching.  I’d been burned by one too many vampire shows since the end of my beloved Buffy and Angel series.  Moonlight?  Dumb.  But Bestie and (even) her husband was watching, so I dove in.  I actually read the books first and was not impressed.  The show turned out to be an epic surprise.  I loved it.  Damon’s bad-boy charm and quippy one-liners filled the void left by Spike.  Stefan was all broody, romantic, and soulful, like Angel, and even had a crazy evil alter-ego to boot.  Bonnie was a more tragic and less whimsical version of Willow.  And Tyler, well, no offense to the adorable Seth Green, but Oz wasn’t nearly as easy on the eyes, Peeps.  Caroline, probably one of the most underrated characters on the show, is a wonderful mix of both Cordelia and Harmony.  This story world even had its own Giles.  Alas, poor Alaric…  But even though I love the program, something is missing.  Yes, there is no Buffy.  Strong, fierce, badass, quirky, lethally talented with a variety of sharp objects, Buffy.

I had a similar conversation one night at Bestie’s house.  We had watched one of the Twilights that weekend, and also an episode of TVD.  We may have even watched True Blood.  We were on a vampire spree.  One of us lamented about the female heroine’s lack of, um, heroism.

I said, “They should come out with a movie or book or show with a chick vampire who kicks ass.”

Bestie said, “Yeah.  Hey, you should write it!”

“I totally should.”  I paused, thinking it over, “I think I totally could.”

“You definitely could.”

Thus began my ongoing personal saga of writing a vampire novel.  The main character becomes a vampire.  Her name is Courtney.  She rocks.  😀

Watching the most recent episode of TVD, (Spoiler Alert), I am reminded again of the lack of badassery in the latest crop of vampiresses-to-be.  Neither Bella nor Elena give this transition its just desserts.

Elena is just newly a vampire, thanks to being forced off the road by a true bad ass vampiress, Rebekah.  Well, ol’ Becks was just trying to finally rid the world of the most insecure and distressed damsel this side of Forks, WA.  She didn’t know that Elena had been dosed with a little vampire blood to cure her of a bad head injury or some such nonsense.  So, she died with the blood in her system, and accidentally became undead.  Something everyone was so so careful that she’d never turn out to be.  Oh wells.  But did Elena embrace The Dark Gift?  Did she revel in the fact that she was no longer so fragile and weak, so powerless against her enemies?  That she could finally, really do something to protect herself and the people she loves?  No…  she was all wishy-washy and “oh woe, woe… whatever shall I do?” as usual.

If Courtney was in Elena’s shoes, she’d have fed off of Jeremy or Matt or some other nearby mortal as soon as she came to.  Then she’d have kissed both Stefan and Damon full on the mouths and hightailed it to wherever Rebekah was holed up for an epic final showdown.  She might even have donned a kick ass pair of boots.  She seems like a boots kinda gal.

Bella, differs from Elena mostly in one fact.  Elena never wanted immortality.  Bella begged for it.  But like her Mystic Falls counterpart, Miss Swan is the weak link in her group of supernaturals.  She’s constantly in danger, and therefore putting the lives of everyone she knows and loves in jeopardy.  And doing nothing really except whining about it.  C’mon, Bells…  Edward is not the only vampire in the world.  You really want The Dark Gift, I guarantee you could find at least one shimmering Cold One to bestow it upon you.  Then Edward wouldn’t have been wracked with guilt about it, his family wouldn’t risk going against his wishes, Jake & the rest of the Wolf Pack would have one less reason to hate the Cullens, and you’d be less vulnerable to all the baddies who for some reason are constantly after you.

Courtney would probably ignore the Forks coven altogether because they are generally wasting all the awesomeness that comes with being a vampire and that’s just lazy.  They certainly don’t seem to have a full grasp on how different they are from humans, how their existence is a miracle and a curse.  They just lack dimension.  Courtney would be bored.

As you can see Peeps, I’m fired up about my little labor of love.  I’ll perhaps share more with you about Courtney and her story on Fiction Fridays.

But, until then…  Stay Thirsty My Friends.  (I am just so lame)



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