Observations by Scroogy Mommy

girls christmas 2011

Loopsy and Lala loving it up!

  • When the kids both get super cuddly and affectionate and tell me they love me, my first thought is “Aw!  I love this!  How sweet!”  Followed by my second thoughts of “Wait, am I dying?  Do they know something I don’t know?” or “What did they break this time?”
  • Playdoh is amazingly easy to get out of clothing in the wash, but nearly impossible to get out of carpet.
  • Hearing your own habitually used words and phrases repeated is super cute when it’s “The thing is…” or “As a matter of fact…” and super embarrassing when it’s “That witch across the street…”
  • When my girl says that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, then follows that up with, “Maybe I’ll be a mommy instead.” My usual response is that she can be both.  But then I realize that there is no easy answer to career vs family.  Enter Mommy Guilt Zone #453… .  *sigh*
  • African Dwarf Frogs are really cool little pets and getting an aquarium is like getting a tattoo…  You can’t stop at just one.  Hubby wants mini-catfish now.  Whatever those are.
  • I really want a tattoo.


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