Kiddie Comic Relief II

  • The girls asked for apples.  I asked them if they wanted 1 to split or if I should cut up 2.  Lala said, “Cut 2, Mommy.”  Seconds later, Loopsy came into the kitchen, very concerned, and whispered to me, “You know Lala meant that you should cut 1 apple for me and 1 apple for her, don’t you?  Not two of them for me.”  I looked into her big earnest eyes and assured her that I knew what to do.  “Okay, Mommy, I was just making sure you knew that.”  Then she skipped away.
  • The twins were eating oranges (wow, I’m sensing a theme…) They were discussing the best ways to eat an orange.  I overhear Loopsy say, “Hey, what about you suck it!”  I’m glad I was in the other room because I could not control my laughter.  She kept saying stuff about sucking it after that anyway.  I really am just touched in the head.
  • We watched Charlotte’s Web.  Lala was very disappointed that Charlotte wasn’t a people girl, she was just a spider girl.  Guess Fern didn’t make a great impression.  Loopsy was really upset that Charlotte drank the insect’s blood she caught in her web.  No mention of concern about Wilbur becoming bacon.  They really like bacon.
  • As mentioned before, Loopsy isn’t very fond of pants.  Today she told me that she likes not to wear pants because she thinks she’s pretty without them.  Where’s Dear Abby when you need her?  Dear Abby, My daughter is a 4-year-old exhibitionist….
  • 9:40 pm Sunday.  Letting the kids fall asleep when they are ready since it’s all Frankenstormaggedon.  Asked them if they are sleepy yet.  Loopsy: “Silly Mommy,  Super Heroes don’t get sleepy!”  and then she ran across the room.

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