Start Spreading the News

OMG, Peeps, I am typing this as fast as my little fingers will allow!

I’ve been tweeting and FB’ing and internet searching all day for a way to help the families in NYC devastated by Sandy.

In the shower, I had an idea (and I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express!!)

Ya know how you can “adopt a family” for Christmas?  I think we should adopt families for Sandy.  Adopt a Borough!  Or whatevs…

They are just thinking about how to live day-to-day, how to rebuild their lives.  We can think of the holidays for them!

My sister-in-law and I were texting and thinking of ways we can get donations to individuals who really need them.  Staten Island is just a wreck.  It breaks my heart that the place my husband loves so much, the place his family calls home, is going through such tragedy.

In the next few days, I’ll be working out the logistics, but this is how I think it could work:

  • Compile list of families and their names/sizes/needs.
  • Distribute these lists to individuals or families or organizations willing to donate.
  • Accept financial contributions to pay for shipping and/or delivery truck.
  • Decide how/when/where collections will be made.

In my mind, I think if each of our families picks one family, we can ship or deliver things as the months go on so that they are ready for the holidays.  Like if you sign up for a family, maybe your household can donate this week, your in-laws next week, your sister the following and so on.  If we just do it in small doses, just a little bit of love at a time, by December 31, the burdens on these people will be monumentally lighter.

All of this is just in the planning stage.  I will accept any help/suggestions/ideas/criticisms (constructive ones, of course….)
I’d like to have a plan in place by next Friday.

Please SHARE!!!  And wait for the news next week!

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