Secret Scroogies Continue

So many people have expressed the desire to help and have asked for more details.  I started thinking about what kinds of Secret Scroogies packages could be put together.  What would possible donors be expected to do?  Well…

Ideally, a donor or a set of donors would adopt a family in need.  I’ll be gathering family names, ages, sizes, interests as I get them.  A donor or donors could purchase, for example, some warm clothes and small presents for each member of their adopted families.

To show an example of what donors should send to the impacted families, I went to and gathered prices for warm clothes & a small gift for a Mom, a Dad, a young boy (8) , and a young girl (12).

Total came to just over $100.00:

Fashion Angels Fashion Design Sketch Portfolio $10.00

LEGO Ninjago Jay’s Storm Fighter $19.97

The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts $9.36

The Racketeer by John Grisham $16.52

Faded Glory – Girls’ Soft Woobie Full Zip Hoodie Jacket $9.88

Faded Glory Boys Long Sleeve Solid Thermal $7.88

Fruit of the Loom Men’s Fleece Crew Sweatshirt, 2 Pack $13.00

Danskin Now Women’s Velour Hoodie and Pants Tracksuit $18.00

Subtotal: (8 items) $104.61

Then they would ship the items to a central mailing location (a church/school/community center) where the adopted families could pick up their goodies.  (I am also working on getting discounted shipping for donors- stay tuned).

The packages could be as elaborate as you can imagine or as simple as the one I put together above.

I have been calling and texting and emailing all day, and the devastation is just enormous.  The gratitude I’ve already felt just for the notion of helping is overwhelming.  There is SO MUCH to be done to get Staten Island back to normal.  My little project will hopefully give a little comfort and joy this holiday season.

There are families in Staten Island who have lost EVERYTHING.  Any help would be appreciated!!
Edit: Here are links and contact info:
Twitter profile @SecretScroogies

If you are interested in being a donor, or if you know of a family in need, please leave a message here or on FB or on Twitter or email me at

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