Is that bad?

As a companion to my Motherhood Monday’s feature of Kiddie Comic Relief, I will also be posting questions I ask myself about mothering.

Is it bad if…:

  • The kids asked for animal crackers for breakfast and I gave them some?  That’s ok, right?  Most of my FB friends seem to think so.
  • I sometimes “treat” my kids with activities they’d be a part of regardless, like going grocery shopping? I tell them they can’t go unless they clean up ( or finish their lunch, or stop fighting, etc).  It actually works.  Suckers.
  • During the spring and fall months when we have our house windows open, I often tell the girls that if they play/sing/fuss too loudly that our neighbors will call the cops and we’ll go to jail?
  • I once told Loopsy that the bottom drawer of her dresser was filled with tiny polka-dotted monkeys that like to eat children just so she’d stop opening it and throwing her clothes all over the room?  In my defense, she was only about 2 at the time, and I didn’t think she was really paying attention.  I certainly didn’t count on her actually believing me.
  • Hubs and I ate all the good (read: chocolate) candy from their Halloween buckets and we told them that they must’ve eaten them?

I’m definitely going to hell for some of these.

4 thoughts on “Is that bad?

  1. What kind of parent *doesn’t* eat all the chocolate?? I mean, do people actually leave all that stuff for their kids to eat and rott their teeth with?? Some people I swear!!

    That’s how I look at it anyway!! My son def slows down on the candy binge once the ‘good stuff’ is gone, so how can I feel bad about that? Lol!

  2. I think your idea to keep the children quiet. I hope you don’t mind if I use that one myself in the future. Ha.

    And yes, I say animal crackers are acceptable any time of day. . .wait. . .are they the kind with the icing on them? Because they are probably more a brunch type item. 🙂

    • No, they are actually the ones they sell at BJs that are supposedly “healthy”. I don’t know what makes them so. But, I agree, frosted cookies should be held off until after the non-frosted ones. 10:30 am at the earliest.

      • It’s 7AM. . .And I want some iced animal crackers. . .Guess I know what Mac’s getting for his Advent treat today. 🙂

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