The return of Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my two lovely little ladies whom I affectionately refer to online as Lala and Loopsy.

They make me insane most of the time.  But sometimes… Well, sometimes they light up my world and I just can’t stand how much I love them.

Here are some reasons why:

  • They ask the best questions.  For example, Loopsy asked,  “Why does this (she waves) mean both Hello and Goodbye?  That doesn’t make sense.”  Lala pondered, “Your name is Mommy, right?  Then how come people don’t call you Lala & Loopsy’s Mommy?  I want them to.”
  • They love dancing and music.  At the BSO kids Nutcracker show, they spent the whole time “ballerina dancing” in front of their seats.  The only time they paid attention to the musicians or dancers on stage was when their favorite ballerina danced (the “sparkly one”- AKA the Sugar Plum Fairy).  Just today, we were in the car listening to Christmas music and an instrumental song came on.  Lala sighed and said, “Aah…  I love being able to just relax and listen to the music.”
  • They are brilliant, observant, and creative.  Lala noted that a character on a cartoon said he’d never had a pet before and wanted to take care of a hamster, but there was a snake in a cage in his room.  I hadn’t even noticed.  Loopsy realized that stars are other suns.  No idea where that came from.  Both of them play make-believe nearly all day long.  This was overheard yesterday when they were playing with Barbies, stuffed animals, and Lalaloopsy Minis: “Please give our talking animals a chance!  I promise they won’t let you down!”  Haha.  I need to set up a video camera.

They are handfuls, no mistake.  But I’m so grateful that my hands are never empty.



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