Thankful for a New Year and a fresh start!

So, yeah, I posted something snarky the other day about it being MY New Year and that it’s unfair that I have to share it and yaddayaddayadda.  Sorry about that, Peeps.  I was being humorous.  Guess that didn’t translate too well.  My bad.  Bygones.

But it is a new beginning, a fresh start!  Yeah 2013!!! 

I spent most of 2012 convinced I was going to die.  I know I keep bringing this up, but it’s the truth, and it’s pretty damn deep.

But, I made it.  I’m 38.  I have a long future ahead of me and I couldn’t be more pleased.

The last week of 2012, I took some time to brainstorm my goals for my life, and what I can accomplish in 2013.  I borrowed some techniques from my old company’s end of year evals and came up with a workable plan.

There are 3 areas I want to focus on: Me, My Family, and My Career.

I divided these three into three goals or areas of importance:

Me: Getting physically healthy (lower cholesterol, be stronger, have more energy & endurance); Getting healthy emotionally/mentally (strengthen my friendships, find peace & confidence within, get therapy); and Focus on what is important to me (enhancing my outside to match my inside, keeping a clean, organized home, read one new book/see one new movie/listen to one new album each month)

Family: The Hubs (have one date night a month, be more physically affectionate and in tune, cultivate & nurture common interests): The Kids (have playdates with other kids, make outside play meaningful, work on their pre-reading skills); The Rest (see one family member once each month, call/text/or email them weekly, remember their birthdays/anniversaries with cards and/or phone calls)

Career: Blogger (keep to my schedule, finish the fiction series, expand audience); Writer (finish first draft, join writing group to help through editing, polish final draft and shop to publishers); Wage-Earner (research what part time positions would work for our family, consider possiblities with Hubs, establish savings accounts for my wages- mine, kids, home).

I feel like this is very workable.  This week, my tasks are:

Me: Make appts for doctors/therapists/massage; Contact two old and dear dear friends about a get together; Get The Night Strangers from the library/listen to The Lumineers album as I write/ watch Topper.

Family: Get sitter to see The Hobbit; Take kids to playground and/or Storyville; Get a card for my Aunt’s birthday and call her at lunchtime.

Career: Finish last 2 parts of Anne/Courtney vampire fiction blog series; Write 1000+ words of my novel; Keep to blog schedule.

See…  Do-able.

What are your goals for 2013?


2 thoughts on “Thankful for a New Year and a fresh start!

  1. Those do sound doable! I’m working in plotting out my new year goals too. Don’t forget – a stumble isn’t a fall unless you don’t get back up. I have a terrible habit of not living living up to my ideals and then thinking myself a failure, when i need to adjust my ideals and try again.

    • Very true. I find that I need some sort of visual proof of my accomplishments, so dividing up my goals into tasks gives me the chance to check something off a list! As long as I see the checks, I’ll feel satisfied.

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