Adventures in Mommyhood

  • Lala was complaining about a teeny tiny bruise on her leg and I may have told her it had to be amputated and replaced with a wooden leg and that we’d change her name to Peg.
  • I taught my daughters to refer to each other as “Homie” and instructed them how to offer a knuckle sandwich (shaking their fists) and how to ask for money (calling it “cizzash” and rubbing their first two fingers against their thumbs).  I am raising baby badasses.
  • They accidentally walked in on Daddy in the bathroom- only seeing him from behind- and wanted to know why Daddy stands up to pee.  And after I explained that males have penises and that penises work differently than vulvas, I may have also told them that it against the law for females to look at penises.  I had to think of something because they kept asking to see Daddy’s penis.
  • I came home from running errands to find that Loopsy had dumped a considerable portion of her piggy bank contents on the living room floor.  I asked her how that happened and she glanced at it, sighed, and said, “Um… it’s a long story.”  And then she went about her business.  Alrighty then.
  • Hubs and the kids made me cupcakes for my birthday.  Loopsy ran upstairs as they were baking to tell me, “Mommy, we made cupcakes.  But they are not for you.  They are just a teeny-weeny treat for Daddy for being so nice to you today.”  🙂  Then as they were cooling and waiting to be frosted, she told me, “Guess what, Mommy!  I tricked you!  The cupcakes ARE for your birfday!”
  • We’d made plans for a movie date, but had to change plans last-minute due to babysitting issues.  So, instead, we decided to go out to eat.  Hubs was a bit grouchy when we were getting ready to leave and Lala asked him, “Daddy, did you get enough sleep?”  And Loopsy followed up with, “Yeah, you seem pretty cranky today.”  D’oh.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Mommyhood

  1. I used to offer to take my kids to the spare body parts store to get them a new…(fill in the blank-whatever-hurt-that-day) when they complained. I like Peg though. I have boys, would have to call them Stump.

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