TV makes me cry. Damn hormones!

So, the ol’ Scroogy hormones are crazy out of whack lately.  I blame them for that killer headache I posted about the other day.  And the cramps and sore boobs.  And the undying lust for anything chocolate followed by something crispy and salty.

And they are to blame, Peeps, for the fact that I find myself crying over TV shows.  Gah. Some examples:

  • Lilly on HIMYM said that she sometimes wishes she wasn’t a Mom and sometimes wants to pack her bags and run away.  Scroogy cried.
  • Carly on General Hospital said that she can’t stand the sight of herself.  Scroogy cried.
  • The squints on Bones discovered the remains of a mixed race (Neanderthal & Homosapien) household.  The parents were attacked and killed because their lifestyle was not accepted.  Their last actions were to hold each other as they died.  The child was asleep during the attack & woke up to find her parents dead.  She starved to death, but her last act was to cuddle up with her parents’ remains.  Oh, lordy, did Scroogy cry.

I cannot wait for this shit to pass, you guys.  It’s ridiculous.

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