Advice to Young Women (which I know you won’t heed)

I’m pushing 40, Peeps.  There is no denying the fact that I’m *gasp* Middle Age (ish).  That idea sorta fills me with dread, but then I stop and think, “I’d rather be no one than me, no where than here.”  And that is because, my Young Peepstresses, because I’ve been there, done that.  (If you could see me, you’d see me wiping my hands together all snarky-like).  Now that’s not to say I don’t have hopes and dreams.  I do.  But now I want to enhance my life, not get a new one.  Make sense?  No?  Oh well, back to the subject at hand…  Advice.

Here are things I wish I could tell Young Scroogy:

  1. Learn how to change your own tires, hook up your own electronics, make your own major purchases.  You’ll be so proud of yourself for doing those things independently.
  2. Get enough sleep, drink more water, make smart food choices, wear sunblock, and stay active.  Good habits are never a mistake.
  3. Find a good hairstylist, your signature style, and a skin-care regimen that works for you.  You are the only you there is.
  4. Remember it’s the quality, not quantity of friends and social interactions that matter.  Five days home alone followed by an amazing conversation with your bestie trumps 6 days in a row of bar-hopping with the gang and waking up with a hangover.
  5. Be your own best companion.  Develop your own interests and hobbies.  Learn to enjoy solitude.
  6. If what you love to do doesn’t pay the bills, don’t abandon it.  It can still fill your life in ways money never will.
  7. Try something new whenever you get the chance.  Never stop learning.
  8. Don’t save the “good” perfume for only special occasions. (Or good shoes, bag, outfit, etc)  Every day is special enough.
  9. You only get one pair of feet, knees, set of teeth, etc.  Take care of your body.
  10. Love will find you.  I swear.  Relax already.

So, yeah, there ya go.  I am certain that someone told me these when I was 20 something, but I was too busy doing shots of Tuaca at Bar Baltimore and hoping that cute boy on the dance floor was Mr Right.  😉


2 thoughts on “Advice to Young Women (which I know you won’t heed)

  1. Although the advice you offer is spot on, really would you give up those days of being a groupie and some mild bar hopping? Good times can be had and you can still follow the advice offered. My quality of those few special friends included some bar and fountain dancing, security to the dance floor and definitely someone (starts with a D) puking in the fishbowls. lol Thanks for all those fun times and then some. Love you girl!!!! Yes you 20 somethings heed the advice, but experience one night of crazy ridiculiousness!!!!

    • Oh, no, you’re right… Those days were great, but they weren’t every day. And that’s why we have such fond memories! 😉 I’ll always remember to let you lay on the sidewalk where it is cold. Oh, and why does your username on here keep changing? Silly goose.

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