When I grew up I wanted to write for TV

Well, there were a gazillion different dream jobs I had throughout childhood.  Fashion designer, baby doctor, prima ballerina…  But the one that stuck around the longest was that I wanted to write for television.

On a tour of a college (not the one I went to), I even asked an English department representative if there were classes in their curriculum that would support this dream.  He sort of poo-poo’d me and said that was a very small niche.  So, hearing that, and similar thoughts and opinions from other well-meaning adults (“That’s a very competitive field.” or “You’d be better off doing something you can actually make money doing.”), I gave up that goal.  I settled for becoming a teacher.  Meh.

I don’t think I was very well suited for teaching.  Although I adore children and I was able to be creative and all of that, I just wasn’t suited for the emotional toll it takes.  Big ups to the teachers out there.  Seriously.  It’s a tough job.

I still think I’m well suited for television scripting.  I really do.

Is 38 too old to make it?  Gah.  Probably.


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