Sometimes casting is all that counts…

So… I was scrolling through the preview guide yesterday and saw on FearNet that some sort of Lost Boys sequel was coming up, complete with Corey Feldman.  So, of course, I DVR’d that sucker. (Pun SOOOO intended.)

The movie was horrible.  Really.  But…  I was introduced to this smolderingly handsome young actor:

Angus Sutherland as Shane

Angus Sutherland as Shane

He’s the youngest half-brother of Kiefer, who we all know was the super cool vampire from the original Lost Boys.  Sigh…  those were the days.

But truely, the movie did bite (I could do this all day), but he was perfectly cast, and really easy on the eyes, so I watched the whole thing.

Casting counts, Peeps.

He’d be fang-tastic (ok, I’ll stop now) as Lestat in an Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles movie.  Or perhaps as Jason the werewolf in a Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake movie…

All I know is I’d watch anything he’s in.

Move over Charlie Hunnam.  (But not too far over, mmkay?)

Charlie Hunnam.  Mmmm...

Charlie Hunnam. Mmmm…


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