Cult freaks me out

Yes, peeps, I used proper grammar.  I mean, cults DO freak me out too, but I was referring to the new CW show Cult.

I watched the pilot episode last night, and immediately realized it was going to be one of those shows that are a bit, um…  meta?  Maybe that’s the wrong term.  It’s like one of those stories that feed into my innate paranoia about evil and danger and blur the line between fiction and reality just enough to keep me awake at night.

Ever since I first saw Nightmare on Elm Street as a tween I have feared that the concept of a show or movie could be real.  It could, shut up.  I truly was terrified for ages that my nightmares might just kill me.  Then The Ring made me a little skeeved about watching videos, but…  soon DVDs took over, so…  Yeah.

Now THIS show.  Ugh.  Man.

The concept is that there is a show within the show called Cult (Oh no, I’ve gone cross-eyed!) about a former cult member who joins law enforcement to take down her former cult leader.  This show has legions of followers who obsess over the plot, the characters, the hidden clues, and whatnot on chat rooms, websites, in fan bars (the one on the show is called fan-dom-main or something like that), and through cosplay.  So as a (not-so) closeted Fan Girl myself, I was like, um…  Wait…  I wanna go to fan-dom-main…  I’ll wear a fez.  Or a bowtie.  No!  A space suit.  Yeah… definitely a space suit.

The lead is Alaric, or actually his name is Jeff or whatever in this show, but he’ll always be TVD’s Alaric to me. Alaric is a reporter or a blogger or something.  Alaric’s little brother was a Fan Boy of this show Cult and he left Alaric some cryptic clues before mysteriously disappearing.  So now Alaric is hooking up with one of the pages or production assistants that actually works on the show to investigate the lunatics, I mean, legions of fans. 

In “real life” and on the “show”  people keep uttering the same phrase before either dying or killing themselves:

“Well, hey, these things just snap right off.” 

BTW, there is already a tumblr for this.  So…

This starts the merry go round of over active imagining in my cranium.  Wait, do they mean that there really are crazy people that act out violent and creepy plot lines in shows?  This makes me see other shows like SOA and The Following and American Horror Story in a whole new light.

I need to get on medication, I think.

Right after I get that T.A.R.D.I.S. tattoo.  (Just kidding, Mom.)


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