Medicated Mommy

*sigh* You guys.  *sigh*

I’ve been in therapy for a couple of months and my therapist suggested I see a psychologist for a medication evaluation.  I knew this day would come.

Part of me is like, “Sweet!  Finally!  I can be a functioning member of society again!”

Another part of me is like, “Nooooo!  I am Scroogy!  I can handle this ON MY OWN!!”

A third part of me is hiding under a blanket and refusing to acknowledge it.

I’m trying to just let the idea sink in a bit.  Trying not to have unrealistic expectations for pharmaceuticals.  Trying not to feel like I’m surrendering to the big, bad, Dark Side.

I have an inkling that I’ll have more motivation to get out of the house, off the couch, to step away from the TV or my laptop and really live.  I hope that I’ll be a better, more present and focused Mommy.

But what if I don’t, Peeps? 

What if it’s NOT clinical depression and it’s just that I suck as a human being?

What then?

2 thoughts on “Medicated Mommy

  1. Ive tried countless medications for anxiety and depression. I always gave up on the meds, before they had time to really work, because i couldn’t handle the negative side effects. So many “try and fails” that i finally came to accept the fact that i was always just gonna be a lazy killjoy. Until my pain management dr suggested one i had never heard of. And so, reluctantly (and with zero expectations) i tried it. And it worked. At least its worked so far. Im on my second month of despiramine, and ive got energy when i wake up in the morning. I have amition, and the desire to go outside with the kids. I think ive taken a total of three naps in the last month.

    Dont give in to the pressure of society, telling moms that we dont need help with our ental help. Because society isn’t going to get up and help parent our kids when we’re too sick (or tired, or sad, or anxious, or just plain UGH) and they’re not giving away medals for parenting without meds either.

    Best of luck scroogy

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