I’m tired

I’m tired of being…  of being…


I am tired of being…

Yes, that’s it, I guess.

I’m just tired of being.

No, I’m not suicidal (I’m WAY too nosy to kill myself).  I’m just not sure how to end that sentence appropriately.

My brain mind soul psyche sits ready to unleash a stream of vitriol to end that statement- words that feel right, but are just wrong.  I know LOGICALLY they are wrong.

Mental health is so puzzling.  I was feeling pretty good just this weekend.  And now, I feel so lost and dark and shapeless. 

Yeah, shapeless.  Undefined.

I’m tired of being undefined.



2 thoughts on “I’m tired

  1. I really dont like posting links to blogs on other blogs, but i really liked this post about depression. Ive never come across a desciption quite so accurate of what its like to actually experience mental distress. I dont recall if your coments are moderated, please feel free to delete this after reading:


    But please do be sure to read it. Honestly, if i werent so damn (lazy, tired, depressed, stressed) just BLAH… id print out a few copies for myself and my friends. Really hits home. And btw… you are SO not alone. Not that my opinion matters any, but i love your short stories, i come here often in hopes of findung more!

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