Sober Scroogy

So, you guys, I gave up drinking in 2014.

I have not entirely decided what that means yet.

Have I given it up forever or just for a while?  Given up drinking at home or drinking socially as well?  Will I still drink on special occasions? 

I dunno.

I do know that my skin looks better, and my head feels much less like lead in the mornings.

I was a 4 to 5 glass of wine a night drinker for quite a while there. 

(Pause for gasps and tsk-tsk-ing)

Ya done?  Ya sure?


Look, okay, wine drinking is to moms of young children what sleep and personal space are to non-parent types. For realz.  (Also, just so you know, I don’t talk like that in real life.  But for some reason my blogging and texting voice does.  Hmm.)

I don’t think I have a drinking problem, not really.  I just think I was relying too hard on my Fruity Red Sangria and less on my own spirit and perseverance. 

So.  Yeah.

But I’m finding it’s really hard to watch Cougar Town or Mob Wives without wine, Peeps.  Jus’ sayin’.