My 40th Year

And so it begins. 

I have crossed the threshold.  Had my last “Thirtysomething” birthday.

I’m staring 40 in the face.

And, ya know what, Peeps?  I’m kinda thrilled about it.

Bewildered, sure.

I mean, I feel like the 90s just ended.  I can remember the exact moment I turned 21.  I still really love Smashing Pumpkins.  And I sorta wish that Grunge fashion would make a comeback because corduroys and flannel are super comfy.

How did these years go by so fast?


Still, I am a wife, a mommy, a full-fledged grown up.  Or so I’m told. 

I got a fit-bit for my birthday and I was just as excited about that as I was the year I got New Kids on the Block tickets.

Times have changed.

Thank goodness!

I think my 40s are gonna be my time.

My time to feel at home in my own skin.  To make healthy choices.  To prioritize and enjoy. 

I’m looking forward to it.  I already feel this sort of anticipatory tingle.

It’s going to be amazing.

So, this year, my 40th one, will be one of sorting and planning and reflecting. 

There is work to be done, you guys!


Thankful for a New Year and a fresh start!

So, yeah, I posted something snarky the other day about it being MY New Year and that it’s unfair that I have to share it and yaddayaddayadda.  Sorry about that, Peeps.  I was being humorous.  Guess that didn’t translate too well.  My bad.  Bygones.

But it is a new beginning, a fresh start!  Yeah 2013!!! 

I spent most of 2012 convinced I was going to die.  I know I keep bringing this up, but it’s the truth, and it’s pretty damn deep.

But, I made it.  I’m 38.  I have a long future ahead of me and I couldn’t be more pleased.

The last week of 2012, I took some time to brainstorm my goals for my life, and what I can accomplish in 2013.  I borrowed some techniques from my old company’s end of year evals and came up with a workable plan.

There are 3 areas I want to focus on: Me, My Family, and My Career.

I divided these three into three goals or areas of importance:

Me: Getting physically healthy (lower cholesterol, be stronger, have more energy & endurance); Getting healthy emotionally/mentally (strengthen my friendships, find peace & confidence within, get therapy); and Focus on what is important to me (enhancing my outside to match my inside, keeping a clean, organized home, read one new book/see one new movie/listen to one new album each month)

Family: The Hubs (have one date night a month, be more physically affectionate and in tune, cultivate & nurture common interests): The Kids (have playdates with other kids, make outside play meaningful, work on their pre-reading skills); The Rest (see one family member once each month, call/text/or email them weekly, remember their birthdays/anniversaries with cards and/or phone calls)

Career: Blogger (keep to my schedule, finish the fiction series, expand audience); Writer (finish first draft, join writing group to help through editing, polish final draft and shop to publishers); Wage-Earner (research what part time positions would work for our family, consider possiblities with Hubs, establish savings accounts for my wages- mine, kids, home).

I feel like this is very workable.  This week, my tasks are:

Me: Make appts for doctors/therapists/massage; Contact two old and dear dear friends about a get together; Get The Night Strangers from the library/listen to The Lumineers album as I write/ watch Topper.

Family: Get sitter to see The Hobbit; Take kids to playground and/or Storyville; Get a card for my Aunt’s birthday and call her at lunchtime.

Career: Finish last 2 parts of Anne/Courtney vampire fiction blog series; Write 1000+ words of my novel; Keep to blog schedule.

See…  Do-able.

What are your goals for 2013?